2nds Netball v Belhaven 

Wednesday 31st Jan

Today's match was a real nail-biter! It certainly made for exciting viewing with both teams almost taking it in turns to dominate during the first 20 minutes, with things evening out in the last two quarters.

Have gained a 5-0 advantage by the end of the 1st quarter the St. Mary's girls were on the money. However, complacency in the 2nd 10 minutes left them in Belhaven's shadow as they scored 6 and us only 3. With just a 2 goal advantage going into the 3rd we needed to get back on track and some superb displays of teamwork and good structure were demonstrated by both sides. Belhaven still got the better of us and scored 4 goals to our 2. So as the final quarter began, it was 10 a-piece with everything to play for. Both teams had had a pretty scrappy 4th quarter as the tension had mounted, so all were advised to try and slow things down and play good netball. There were opportunities in the D's for both sides, but sadly for us, when it came to the crunch, Belhaven go the ball in the net once whilst we were unable to. That ended the game 11-10 to Belhaven.

It was a super game and the closest matches are always the best as it shows the teams are really well matched. It's just a pity this time it did not go in our favour. Never mind, much fun and excitement was had by all and thank you to Belhaven for hosting us.

Mrs J SA



Marnie Harvey, 02/02/2018

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