Middle School make Hedgehog Houses on Middle Field 

During Thursday afternoon's activity session Middle School pupils built three hedgehog houses in the Middle Field.

Lined with sticks and grass and covered in leaves and earth, these were dug by the pupils using new spades bought using funds granted by the Dr Marjorie Clark Trust. 

Good effort - the squad with a completed hedgehog house and a bag of rubbish they also collected


First we dug holes; 2ft square by two feet deep

These were then lined with sticks and covered with leaves.

Each house was then carefully covered over with thick wood staves and a layer of earth.

Heavy timbers will break down over time and provide homes for invertebrates like beetle larvae.

As well as providing homes for wildlife, one enterprising group conducted an impromptu litter pick. It was amazing how much they found!

Thanks to the commendable efforts of the children we now have three new hedgehog houses to kick off our Outdoor Learning Area. These solid structures will last for years and can be added to in future.

Promoting sustainability and ecological responsibility is right at the heart of everything that we are trying to achieve.

Using locally sourced materials to build them, we have also demonstrated that helping wildlife does not have to cost the Earth!

Well done to all involved.

Tom Rawson, 01/02/2018