U11 Football v Mowden Hall

 Wednesday 31th Jan

Despite the reasonably cold temperature and the brief snow flurries, our first football fixture of the year went ahead. Mowden arrived promptly, which enabled us all to get down to business quite swiftly following a hearty warm up.

Mowden claimed kick off and from the off demonstrated a very keen knowledge of positioning and space, moving the ball well down the wings, and utilising their finest players, who were strong runners on ball and offered great strength in offense. This was matched by our own equally effective passing and general skill level, which saw both teams competing well the length and breadth of the pitch.

We managed to score first, Ollie D-G slotted the ball in from about 15 yards. However, due to confusion regarding team numbers on our behalf, Mowden were a man short! This was promptly corrected and the game commenced on a more even playing field.

As expected Mowden came back with a superb goal and the scores were tied. For the next remaining few minutes of the first half, all the boys on the field were working their socks off. Mitchell displayed super leadership and exercised the “next job” mentality very well after errors were made, whilst Geordie, John T and Stewart were physical and strong in defence, providing us with a reliable base to strike out in attack. This was matched by Mowden, who played a very similar standard of football! John I was instrumental in moving the ball forward through strong running and passing, which enabled Ollie D-G to slot another super goal with the golden boots! Ed played really robustly and was a healthy presence down on the right wing, his “toe poke of doom”, was rightly feared by many!

The second half came around and again, the game ebbed and flowed, with superb skills on display from both teams. Mowden managed to score another beautiful goal from stunning passing and moving into space! This half was much closer, boys were getting tired yet the standards remained high, all that changed was the physicality which became higher as the desperation to win rose. Ollie L was outstanding in goal and made some gorgeous saves, throwing himself around the goal line with confidence and coolness. For me this earnt him man of the match!

Robbie joined us due to an absence and showed some beautiful skills, moving the ball well and running to space! He almost scored but the defence smothered him just as he was about to get into the box! We had a good few chances at goal, however, generosity got the better of us, and the forwards couldn’t decide whether to have a dig or not! Despite this, the lesson has been learnt and a touch of white line fever in the future won’t go amiss! Furthermore, Henry showed off his strength in mid field, “farmering” the ball deep to create opportunities, but unfortunately were not cultivated as intended.

In the closing minutes, Mowden applied significant pressure and flooded the box, and despite making two saves on the trot, the clearance didn’t arrive and the very skilled Mowden forwards managed to sneak the ball in with inches to spare on the right side of the goal!

Overall, the fixture was very even and really enjoyable to be a part of! Well done to all lads involved and a big thanks to all staff and parents who came to support in the bitter weather!

Final Score: St Mary’s A 2 – Mowden Hall A – 3

Mr Brown

Marnie Harvey, 01/02/2018

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