U9 Netball v Belhaven

Wednesday 31st Jan


Despite the extremely cold conditions and the threat of snow, Belhaven arrived for our first fixture of the season, the previous 2 having been cancelled.  The girls were wearing thermals, hoodies, and tracksuits to keep warm and keen to volunteer to be a reserve for part of the game, not because of the cold, but due to the provision of new down filled sub suits.
The St Mary’s U9A team got off to a positive start but struggled to move into space and move the ball into their attacking third.  Belhaven dominated the first half scoring 9 goals.  The girls remained positive and came back in the second half more focussed.  Movement around the court was much improved and they remained close to their opposite numbers denying Belhaven the opportunity to get the ball into the D on a number of occasions.  The teams appeared more evenly matched and the St Mary’s girls moved the ball into their ‘D’ on a couple of occasions but were unsuccessful, Belhaven however did manage to score again.  Final result 11 – 0 to Belhaven
The U9B team started the game enthusiastically with all the girls remembering their positions and roles and picking up their opposite numbers quickly.  It appeared that the teams were quite evening matched with the score after the first half only being 1 – 0 to Belhaven.  As the game progressed St Mary’s started to dominate the game and the ball was moved quickly from the centre third into the D, however despite a number of attempts we didn’t manage to score. Belhaven went on the attack and managed to move the ball to their GS who scored.  From the resulting  Belhaven centre pass the St Mary’s girls were quick to mark their players and intercept the ball when Belhaven moved again into our defensive third, we quickly passed the ball back into our attacking D but again were unlucky not to score.  Final score 2 – 0 to Belhaven.
Conditions today weren’t ideal and catching the ball wasn’t easy due to the very cold conditions.  All the girls played well and remained positive throughout the matches. Shooting practice is a priority before our next fixture after half term.

Mrs P Routeledge

Marnie Harvey, 01/02/2018

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