U10 Netball v Belhaven 

U10 A 13 - Belhaven 0

U10 B 9 - Belhaven 1


After a couple of cancelled matches due to some January snow, we were delighted to all get together as two teams and play against Belhaven.  Both matches were fabulous and I was particularly impressed with the effort, enthusiasm and skills on display today. 


Kate – great work as wing attack and goal attack, scoring 4 goals in the second half as our Captain of the A team
Skye – super skills as goal shooter, scoring 2 goals and moved  to be a confident centre with great skills and speed
Tiggy – played in both matches and showed great versatility and dexterity as wing attack, goal defence, centre and goal attack scoring 4 goals
Anna – was super speedy around the court as centre and goal defence displaying never ending enthusiasm
Iona – started as wing defence and moved to goal keeper, displaying great skills to keep the ball away from the net
Emily – made a great contribution as goal defence in the first half and moved to the goal shooter and scored 3 goals
Mabel – worked hard as goal keeper and moved to wing defence, showing her strong defence skills thoughout the game
Cadence - started confident as goal shooter, scoring 3 goals then moved to goal keeper in the second half
Bea – scored a goal as attack in the first half and kept the ball away from the other net as goal defence later on in the match
Harriet – was kept busy as both wing attack and wing defence but kept a good eye on the ball and was captain of the B team
Sophie – started the match as centre and kept the ball moving quickly, later moved to goal shooter and was delighted to score 2 goals
Lily – kept the ball away from the net as wing defence and moved to goal attack, scoring 3 goals
Ally – was happy to move from goal keeper to wing attack and worked hard in both positions to look for spaces when passing.


Great work girls, this was a great end to the first half of term.  
Mrs Wright 

Marnie Harvey, 01/02/2018

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