Trash Gliders by Form 8 

On Monday afternoon the contrasting design ethoses of Leonardo da Vinci and Darth Vader went head to head in the Sanderson Building.

Teams were tasked with building a glider from scrap cardboard to carry a standard wooden dowel fuselage as far as possible.

The Form 8 trash glider competition had begun!

As you can see from the photos below there were a number of different designs employed from classic gliders to elegant swallow tailed darts via weird asymmetric designs and on to Darth Macpherson's terrifying Imperial Star Destroyer.

The victorious Toxic Seagulls fine tune their design.

I had high hopes for this classic flyer. It crashed into the wall!

A particularly elegant design!

Darth Macpherson's Imperial Star Destroyer; not a great flyer in Earth's atmosphere.

Hamish van Barneveld at the oche.


"Something is stuck to the bottom of our glider!"

The Toxic Seagull takes to the skies!


As well as being a simple introduction to the mechanics of flight this also shows what we can do with materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility are a big part of what we hope to achieve this year. 

The Summer could well see a further competition with gliders launched from a higher point (The Eildons?) as part of our Outdoor Learning programme.


Well done to all involved!


Tom Rawson, 30/01/2018