Week ending 19th January 

Monday 16th January
Tonight the children enjoyed a lovely macaroni and cheese with a treat of hot chips. The children the went off to a productive prep. After prep the children were treated to a winter Olympic themed team challenge were they had a find glow sticks of the colour they were given and on the glow sticks were letters that spelt out countries that don’t participate or are going to be in the Olympics for the first time. Then after that the young ones went off for showers and snack while the older ones stay out and went to the ICT room. Another lovely night in the boarding house.

15th Jan

15th jan 1

15th Jan 2

15th Jan 3

Tuesday 16th January
The children were all so excited about the snow today, so an idea before dinner was made for the girls to go out and build a snowman with Maddy as it was her first time seeing real snow!  Then children were inside warm and enjoying gammon, potato’s and sweet corn. After dinner the children had a productive prep. And then we’re given three choices of activities, basketball inside the pre prep gym with Maddy and Stefan, the war hammer continued with Mr Brown, and Mrs Rawson treated the girls to artsy accessories and hair puns. And the children went  with hot chocolate in their bellies and full of the delicious meals of the day. 
snowy pics

snowy pics 2

snowy pics 3

Wed 17 jan

Mrs E Rawson and Maddy


Jules Birdsall, 16/01/2018

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