Week ending 12th January 2018

Monday 8th January
Scavenger Hunt, sardines, loom bands, Orchard games...

8th jan 

Tuesday 9th January
Tonight after a hearty lasagne and a productive prep, the children accompanied by Mrs Rawson, Mr Brown and Gappies, Maddy and Stefan. All went out to play a game of milk/fire/water and German spotlight, both required not being spotted with the flash light. After 20 minutes of the games the children were offered to go out on to the tennis courts and play soccer with the Gappies, chill in the boys house and have a snack or make loom bands in the girls house. And after a busy afternoon/ night the children read and drifted off to sleep. 
Wednesday 10th January
9th Jan

Thursday 11th January
10th Jan 1

10th Jan

Mrs Rawson and Maddy Hall, GAP

Jules Birdsall, 12/01/2018

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