Work begins on Outdoor Learning HQ 

This week we began the process of finalising designs and gathering materials for the new Outdoor Learning HQ.

The plan is to build a sturdy and durable Cabin/Bird Hide as the centre point of an Outdoor Learning and Wildlife area in the unused corner of the Middle Field.

We need your help to make this happen!

RowanMaria planRowan and Maria produced a beautiful plan to show how the area might look once finished.

8658501This is the little corner of the grounds that will be used for the Outdoor Learning Area.


Every child from Forms 3 - 8 has contributed toward the development of the Outdoor Learning Area

The new building will be made almost entirely from scrap materials. Materials collected so far include a door and timber from the New Buccleuch House renovation and pallets from Tempest Brewery.


Mr Williams of Tempest Brewery with a stack of suitable pallets

We need pallets, timber and sheet wood to build the Cabin/Bird Hide. Any unrotten plank wood, timber joists or fairly new pallets can be incorporated into the design being developed by Forms 7 & 8. Sheet wood materials would be used to cover the roof.

We have storage space at the school and would welcome any good quality timber that would otherwise be unused.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at for any further details.

Tom Rawson, 12/01/2018