8th December 2017

To accommodate a visit from the Longridge Towers Headmaster last Friday, Form 3 kindly volunteered to postpone their assembly about friends and inclusion until this morning. Their mini production included the definition of friendship, guidelines on how to make everyone feel included, role-play, and a song to finish. We were grateful for Form 3’s efforts.

form 3 assembly

We welcomed Rory and Charles, and both have settled in remarkably well, especially having joined us late in the term.
Meanwhile, in and out of the classroom, teaching and learning remain at full steam ahead, and despite the appearance of Christmas decorations and an ever-growing pile of present donations to Mission Christmas appearing in the Hamilton Building, focus remains on working hard in class.
Parents of Form 7 pupils met with Mrs Hardie on Monday evening to discuss their exciting summer trip, to be run by ‘My Adventure’. Tuesday saw Kindergarten have their Carol Concert, with a visit from Santa Claus, who looked fitter and healthier than he has been for many years. It was noted, however, that cover was put in place for Mr Brown’s geography lesson! A very useful update on Form 8’s progress was shared amongst the teaching staff on Tuesday evening, with a positive message that this characterful bunch are by and large on track.
A busy fixture programme took place on Wednesday, with results and reports available on the school website.
The favourable reports discussed amongst the teaching staff on Tuesday were shared with parents on Thursday at parent/teacher meetings. This lays the ground for a reasonably restful holiday for our oldest pupils. Miss Simpson produced written reports for each parent, as she had been nominated to receive an award on Thursday evening for a short story, recently published in a collection. While it is very difficult to get any information about her writing from Miss Simpson, who writes under a pseudonym, I managed to glean that she was awarded runner-up in this process. Well done to her.

This morning we were treated to one of the best assemblies of 2017, as Form 1 took to the stage to tell us a little bit about Christmas traditions. We heard of gold coins being dropped down chimneys by Saint Nicholas, Norwegians gifting Norwegian spruce trees to the UK and in particular to Trafalgar Square, Christmas puddings originating from Germany, but my personal favourite, and Mrs Harvey was present to hear this, was the recommendation that eating a mince pie on each of the twelve days of Christmas brings good luck for the year ahead. No doubt I will be on dog walking detail throughout the holiday if Mrs Harvey allows me to fulfil this tradition.

Form 1 assembly

At the time of writing this report on the week, we wait in anticipation of the Friends of St. Mary’s Winter Wonderland in the Morrison Hall, and we fully expect this to be as fabulous as ever. The busy comings and goings of the Friends of St. Mary’s, including Chairman Mr Mathieson and his “elves”, would suggest we are in for another cracker. We are also looking forward to the lighting of the Christmas tree and carols at the front of the house, and whilst that will signal the end of the week for many, Mr and Mrs Rawson and the boarding team will be hosting 42 boarders at the GAPs’ Surprise. Behind the scenes, there has been a huge amount of work put in, particularly by Jessie and Max, with help from Mrs Rawson, to plan this night of activity.

Boarders will be collected at 9am tomorrow morning. Meanwhile to all of you who do not live on campus, enjoy a peaceful Friday evening and a restful weekend!

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