Week ending 8th December 2017

Monday 4th December
Macaroni Cheese could be smelt in the quiet area and it excited the boarders waiting for role call. Once they were in the dining hall it wasn’t long before the delicious dinner was finished and everyone was clearing and wiping the tables. In prep this evening, Mrs S-A had a multiplication and division sheet for those who were game to complete it in timed conditions. There were 99 questions and three participants got 100%. Congrats to Libby, Kiki and Jessie! After prep, pupils had half an hour of free time before they went to their respective boarding houses to decorate them in Christmas colours. The Christmas tunes were blaring, everyone was singing and dancing and having a jolly good time! 20 days until Christmas and there is plenty of spirit amongst the St Mary’s boarders.

4 dec

4 dec 1

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Tuesday 5th December
Chef wasn’t in for cooking this evening but boarders didn’t mind, for pizza, chips and corn were in the kitchen waiting for pupils to find.  There were many different subjects being study during prep, And when the two duty teachers asked whether geography was the favourite of course the kids said ‘yep!’.  Thankfully the hour passed quite quickly and it was time for some jolly good fun, With sowing, Warhammer and football there were a lot of things being run!
It wasn’t long before pupils retired to their boarding houses with the night almost gone, For the sun had well and truely set and time was ticking on.  There were some brand new boarders in tonight and we hope they had a blast, A great chance to have a taster before term ends - it’s going oh so fast!

5 dec

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Wednesday 6th December
Almost all the girls were away at supper this evening after travelling to Riley House for games. Those at school had a well received meal of chicken fajitas, before going outside for free time or relaxing in the ICT room. Three activity options were presented to pupils at 7pm: king ball in the gym, football on the tennis court or making ginger bread houses in the dining hall. From there a large portion of pupils went to the dining hall, although some were keen to play more sport. Boarders constructed and decorated three ginger bread houses which were left in the staff room and in each boarding house to have with snack. It was a great activity that produced wonderful looking houses and endless amounts of fun. 

6 dec

6 dec 2

Thursday 7th December
Steak pie and vegetables sat sizzling irresistibly on the tables in the dining hall as boarders entered for dinner. Luckily they did not have to resist the food for too long and after saying Grace they gratefully tucked in. After dinner there was prep as normal before activities at 7pm. With Mrs Stuart at Form 8 parent teacher interviews there were only two areas for pupils to go this evening: the art room or the tennis courts. Those who were in the art room did Hema beads or drew pictures, whilst those outside played a massive game of football. This activity choice was a massive hit with the Form 6 boys who had come to join Alex on his last night of boarding at St Mary’s. We are not sure exactly who won, but if you ask Alex, the answer will always be Manchester United.

7 dec

Friday 8th December
GAP's Surprise!!!
The night everyone had been asking about had finally arrived. When boarders arrived at the boarding houses there was a small party bag waiting for them, filled with a couple of lollies, a letter from Max and Jessie, some party toys and glow sticks. The boarders put their rainbow clothes on and applied some neon face paint to their cheerful faces, and then went to the dining hall for pizza and cupcakes. After dinner, and before the plan for tonight was revealed, an award was given to Kate and Alex for being the best dressed boarders! Everyone was then split into two groups and sent to the Sanderson building and the Morrison Hall. At the Morrison Hall there was a silent disco set up for pupils, with savoury snacks at the back of the hall and a guest DJ (Mr Rowan Williams) blasting out the funky tunes. There were two playlists playing in the hall so pupils could easily press a button on their headphones and change the song if they did not like what was playing. It was fantastic fun listening to the music, but even more fun to take the headphones off and listen to everyone singing away to different songs accapella. The other activity running was laser tag in the Sanderson and Hamilton buildings. There were two teams, one with a base in each building, and they spent an hour attacking and defending their bases and buildings. This was epic fun, but towards the end of the hour the game changed so that once all your lives were gone you were eliminated from the game until there was only one person alive. This made boarders more strategic in their game play rather than running around like wild chickens - not that there was anything wrong with that! After the hour was up, boarders switched activities so that they could have a turn at both laser tag and the silent disco. To finish up the activity time everyone came together in the hall for a normal disco and a small dance off between Max and Jessie - Max’s spinning on the floor bringing him an easy win. Finally it was time to head back to dorms to get changed for showers and then view a movie in each of the boarding house Common rooms (Gulliver’s Travels for the boys and A Royalty for the girls). This calmed everyone after the excitement of the two Gap surprise activities and made sure that all boarders were well and truely ready for bed by the time lights out came around. Thanks to all the staff who came and helped out on their night off, and to the boarders who were so well mannered and full of happiness the entire night. You guys are the best!

8th Dec

8th Dec 1

8th Dec 2

8th Dec 3

Mrs Rawson and Jessie McRae

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