Bumblebee Boxes are now finished! 

Gerbils (and Middle School pupils) help create cosy new bee nesting boxes.

we love bees

On Thursday afternoon the Middle School pupils helped to put the finishing touches to the ingenious bumblebee boxes. We have been working on these nifty designs since half-term.

They are made by adapting the standard design used by Forms 7 & 8 to make 60 or so birdboxes since the start of this year.

The main compartment is split into two sections. The smaller lower section acts as the entrance hall and latrine for the colony.

This is separated from the nest chamber by a wooden floor with a small access hole drilled in it.

The nest chamber is filled with bedding from Molly C's gerbil cage. Bumblebees frequently nest in old mouse holes. We hope that the smell of other rodents will encourage them to nest in our boxes.

The lids were then cut out and nailed on and our boxes were complete.

Well done to all involved!

Tom Rawson, 08/12/2017