Reception Class visit to Bowhill

After assembly this morning, Jessie accompanied Reception class on our visit to Bowhill near Selkirk.  We were met by Rory Powell, the Countryside Ranger who took us on an autumn/winter scavenger hunt to collect different shapes and colours of leaves and nuts.  We carefully carried them around in our little metal buckets.


Back at the house, we all made mini collages with our leaves and nuts then headed out for a lovely walk in the sunshine to the frozen loch.  There we saw swans and then we walked further into the woods where we lay down in the autumn leaves and listened to the woodland noises.  It was so peaceful for a few seconds! 

bowhill 2

Then we made “leaf angels” and we gathered lots of autumn leaves and completed covered Rory.  It was great fun.

bowhill 3

bowhill 5
Before we walked back to the bus, Rory tested how solid the ice was on the loch by throwing a stone and then a log onto the loch. The loch only cracked a little!

bowhill 1
What a lovely morning we all had. We were so lucky with the weather and to have such an interesting time with our outdoor learning.
Thank you Jessie for coming with us and well done Reception class for making it so enjoyable and fun.
Mrs Currie

Jules Birdsall, 01/12/2017