Form 7s make a mouse-proof trestle in D & T

Over the last couple of weeks mice have been raiding the root-trainer cells for all of the acorns that were so laboriously collected and planted by the children.

While we pursue a more permanent solution we decided to build a new trestle to discourage the little blighters.

The Form 7s built a trestle from scrap timber saved from the New Buccleuch House renovation, pallet wood and bean tins from the kitchen. The bean tins were upturned and nailed on top of the trestle legs. Hopefully, any mice will slip on the metallic surface as they try to climb up to the acorns above.

The work was completed within an hour and the resulting structure should last for a good few years to come.


Well done to all involved!

Form 7 with the completed trestles.

The pesky mice should slip off as they try to climb the bean tins.

The completed table, with 840 root-trainer cells on board, is a magnificent structure!

Tom Rawson, 17/11/2017