10th November 2017

Monday 6th November
Boarders met in the quiet area before dinner tonight as per usual. Dinner was succulent sausages, peas and mash, dished up happily by the wonderful Ang. Prep went quickly and then everyone piled on their jackets and went down to the orchard to have a belated bonfire for Guy Fawkes Bonfire night. It brought great excitement to the pupils who made Guys last week to finally be able to burn them, especially with the knowledge that Mrs Rawson wouldn’t be able to put them in any other peculiar places around the boarding houses. See the St Mary’s School boarding instagram if you are unsure of what I am referring to. We then capitalised on the dark night to play a few rounds of German Spotlight, before heading back to school for some sticky Toffee Apples Pam had made. What a treat! It was therefore, with toffee gluing their usually talkative mouths shut, that boarders headed into the boarding houses, quickly showering and doing their silent reading before staff came in to turn lights out.

6 nov

6 nov 1

6 nov 2

Tuesday 7th November
A rich, red sunset capped off the normal school day and welcomed in another night of boarding. The kitchen team had prepared a delicious dinner of moist vegetable rice, potatoes and ham. After dinner, pupils headed to prep as usual and spent the time revising for next weeks assessment. There were three activities tonight after prep- war hammer with Mr Brown, mindfulness colouring with Mrs S-A and indoor basketball with Max and Stefan. Tomorrow will be another busy day for pupils as they face off in matches against other schools, so it was a quick snack and shower before silent reading and lights out.

7 NOv

Wednesday 8th November
Sumdog, form chats, drawing ... Rugby, football, handball ... These are a few of the boarders favourite things, and the ones in which they proceeded to do tonight during free time. At 7pm, boarders halted these activities to meet in the Morrison Hall or go to the Girls’ Boarding House. Those in the Hall played Dance Murder and Wink Murder, whilst those in the Girls’ House came up with some questions to ask Pam for the next Boarding newsletter. After their interview with Pam, the girls played a few rounds of sardines in the boarding house before it was time for the boarders in both houses to finally go to bed.
8 nov

8 nov 2

Thursday 9th November
Cooking with Cheffy was back again tonight with boarders making either breakfast or dinner pies. There were ample ingredients on offer to satisfy all tastebuds and it turned out to be a great hit amongst staff and pupils. After prep, Mrs Stuart continued her Christmas theme for the term by teaching the girls how to make Christmas tree decorations from felt and beads. This turned out to be quite a big task though, so the ladies will have to continue with their creations next week. With exams fast approaching, boarders were also given the option to stay inside and continue revising or run around outside and clear their heads. Both options equally as good for pupils as they gear up for what will hopefully be a very successful academic week at St Mary’s. Good luck to all!
9 nov

9 nov 2

9 nov 3

9 nov 4

Mrs E Rawson and Miss Jessie McRae

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