Week ending 3rd November 2017

Monday 30th October 
G roups of pupils chatted at dinner, over homemade sausage rolls, wedges and beans.
U tterly full they went to prep to empty their brains into the work supplied by their teachers.
Y oung minds, the future of tomorrow, being tested by the people of today.
F ree time was the agenda for tonight, with Guy making also on offer. 
A rt room shenanigans that produced hilariously good people out of trash.
W atching them burn next week will be an entertaining night for all, regardless of whether pupils created a Guy tonight.
K nowledgable of their history, boarders will hopefully know the meaning behind Guy Fawkes Night.
E veryone is bound to have a good time though, just like they did tonight. 
S weet dreams boarders, see you tomorrow evening!

30 oct

30th Oct 1

30th Oct 2

30th Oct

Tuesday 31st October
There were cobwebs and spiders, and pumpkins and skeletons. There were zombies and devils, and jokers and pirates. There were laughs and smiles, and screams and grimaces - it must have been Halloween at St Mary's! Not a moment of tonight's boarding went without thought from Mrs Rawson, as she planned the night to scare all nights. Hedgehog roadkill (sausages and mash) was the delicious dinner awaiting boarders tonight, with loose eyeballs in the drinks and black spiders on the tables. It was then time for prep (the horror!) before some Halloween Games. Pupils were split into groups and sent around the school to do apple bobbing, zombie ten pin bowling, feely boxes (featuring spaghetti as intestines, chickpeas as teeth, cauliflower as brains) and a walk through of a haunted room. It was a  spectacularly spooky evening that put shivers down the spines of all those who dared to join in. But the fun was not over for Form 8's once everyone else had come inside for showers, for Mrs Stuart and Mrs Harvey were in their houses waiting for Trick or Treaters. Led by Mr Brown, who dressed as his flat mate and former St Mary's staff member Mr Williams, the Form 8's exchanged jokes and dances for a few little sweets and treats. Massive thanks goes to the Stuart's and Harvey's for having the Form 8 boarders come visit, as well as Mrs Rawson for organising such a fantastic night. 
31st oct 1

31st oct

31st oct 2

31st oct 3

Wednesday 1st November
The normal Wednesday chaos ensued at boarding this afternoon as groups of pupils arrived from games throughout the evening. Everyone seemed to be in need of some well earned rest once they had arrived so it was decided that a movie night was the best plan of attack. Form's three to six spent the evening in the Girls House Common Room, whilst Form's seven and eight went to the Boys House Common Room. A lovely atmosphere ensued in both and it was a great way to finish another busy day at St Mary's. 

Thursday 2nd November
It was exciting to see so many juniors at boarding tonight as pupils waited in the quiet area for roll call. We were cooking with Cheffy again tonight and the ingredients on the table were the perfect match for Chicken Kiev. Fantastic enthusiasm was shown by everyone when making this crowd pleaser. When stomachs were full and prep completed, Mrs Stuart hosted another Christmas beading activity, this time with bobby pins, whilst Mr Rawson took the remainder of pupils to the Melrose 1st Rugby training. It was great for boarders to see these men of their community demonstrating teamwork and courage in a more relaxed environment, compared with their usual Saturday afternoon settings. It was a nice and relaxing way for boarders to settle themselves this evening, before Friday rolls on in with the weekend not far behind! 

2 nov

2 nov 1

2 nov 2

2 nov 3

2 nov 4

2 nov 5

2 nov 6

Mrs Rawson and Miss J McRae

Jules Birdsall, 02/11/2017

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