Over 800 Acorns Planted This Week

Since half-term the Forms 3s, 4s and 5s have been enjoying a host of different activities as part of the Outdoor Learning and Leadership programme.

Throughout the course of the next few months each child will have an opportunity to actively enhance their knowledge of the natural environment whilst undertaking a range of different practical and enjoyable tasks.

A major component of this programme is the school's desire to improve our local environment as a haven for native wildlife. Through the completion of a number of different projects we will make a real positive difference to our surroundings.

One of the major aspects of this project will be to grow trees from seed. The children have been busy collecting acorns, beech masts, hazelnuts and sweet chestnuts for a number of weeks. Many of the acorns have already germinated and been planted out in the new tree nursery cells.

To date over 800 germinated acorns from local trees have been planted in individual root-trainer cells.

These should be ready to plant by next Autumn and will be used to both enhance local wildlife habitat and to help to prevent future flooding events in the Tweed catchment.

With this in mind we are looking for spades and other garden tools to use for planting the young trees.
If you have any old garden tools gathering dust in the shed please bring them in and we will put them to work again.

Well done to all involved!





We plan to build a second trestle for the 20 new trays (1,200 cells) that will be planted out this year.

Tom Rawson, 03/11/2017