Week ending 27th October 

Wednesday 25th October
Back at school and full of enthusiasm, boarders could be seen running to boarding this afternoon from all corners of the school. This eagerness must have made them hungry because before you could sit down, it seemed as though the delicious dinner Cheffy had prepared had come and gone. Over the holidays pupils had been busy writing their lectures for the upcoming lecture contest, so it seemed appropriate that pupils were given time to practise their speeches in front of other boarders and staff members. This was a great way for the pupils to get some tips and compliments so that they can perform their very best on the day. For the remainder of the night, however, boarders were given free time to enjoy catching up with their friends. It was a delightful way to resume boarding this term and left the boarders feeling very, very merry. 

25 Oct

25 oct 2

Thursday 26th October
A buzz of chatter could be heard as St Mary's boarders trickled into the boarding houses. After unpacking and getting quickly changed, pupils gathered around Cheffy in the dining hall to learn how to make tonight's recipe. It was a crowd favourite, chicken fajitas, and required pupils to carefully slice and dice onion, red pepper and chicken breast. After supper it was time for prep and activities, which because of the temperature and minimal lighting outside, were all inside. Mrs Stuart was making Christmas tree decorations out of beads, whilst Mr Rawson was pumpkin carving ahead of Halloween on Tuesday night. The designs in both activities were fantastic and it was obvious that pupils enjoyed the different pastimes immensely.

26 oct

26 oct 2

26 oct 3

26 oct 4

Mrs E Rawson and Miss J McRae


Jules Birdsall, 27/10/2017

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