Tree Planting Grows Roots at St. Mary's  

Pupils have been gathering and planting hardwood tree seeds in the St. Mary's milk bottle nursery.

As well as digging nuts directly into the ground, pupils of all ages, from Reception to Form 8, have collected hazelnuts, beech masts, sweet chestnuts and acorns. These were carefully covered in compost and stored in milk bottles on the trestle assembled last year.

Over this Winter the seeds will soak in the damp soil and, as the weather warms, they will start to sprout roots and shoots. In the Spring we will dig them up again and plant them out in individual milk bottles to grow on.


I am delighted to announce that the school has received a grant from the Clark Woodland Trust to aid the development of wildlife conservation activities at St. Mary's.

This money will be used to purchase materials and tools - especially tree planting spades!

Well done to all involved!

 Beech mast





250 trees have already been gifted to Tara's Million Tree Project and will be planted across Scotland.

Tom Rawson, 13/10/2017