Week ending 13th October

Monday 9th October
Pupils chatted happily amongst themselves this evening as they waited for everyone to get dressed and for boarding to begin. Mr Whitelaw marked the role and then we moved into the dining hall for roast turkey, potatoes and sweet corn. It was a scrumptious meal, cooked by Pam and Ang, that left everyone satisfied as they went to prep in the ICT room. After an hour of hard work, boarders put away their books and brought out their drawing pens. Tonight's activity - Pictionary! It was a tough competition, but Team 3 pulled away with the win in the last round to finish the night one point ahead of the other two teams. Good fun all round as we begin the last week of this first half term. 

9th Oct 1

Tuesday 10th October
"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” –The Goblet of Fire
The Hogwarts Express was out of action tonight, but that didn't stop St Mary's pupils from leaving their mundane muggle lives for a taste of magic. There was all sorts of wizarding attire on show in the common room as boarders met for supper; some pupils in cloaks, some adorned with HArry Potter glasses and wands, and others dressed simply in the colour of a Hogwarts house. The feast which blessed boarders in the 'Great Hall' was baked potato with an arrangement of healthy compliments. A less healthy treat that finished off dinner was a lucky dip from Bertie Bott's jelly beans. Flavours like Earwax and Dirt gave boarders sour faces, whilst others like Watermelon and Sausage left boarders jolly. After the feast, it was time to put our St Mary's wizards and witches to the test and see how much they really knew about the Harry Potter series. Split into their Hogwarts houses, pupils completed a quiz made by Mr Brown, with the mighty Gryffindor house finishing victorious. Of course, like at Hogwarts, academic studies are of the highest importance at St Mary's and so boarders grabbed their broomsticks and flew to the ICT room for an hour of prep after dinner. However, the night wouldn't be complete without some quidditch, so of course this was tonight's activity. It was a bit confusing to begin with, but some quick thinking by Mrs Rawson simplified the game enough for everyone to understand and have a fantastic time doing so. Unfortunately it was soon time for showers, snack, reading and bed in both boarding houses. A golden Ferro Roche 'snitch' was waiting for every boarder at snack, and was the ideal treat to end a magical night at St Mary's. 

harry potter

harry potter 4

harry potter 2

harry potter 3

harry potter 5

Wednesday 11th October
Ang was waiting happily in the dining hall for boarders this evening as they piled in after roll call. Gammon Steak, green peas and crispy potatoes were served for dinner - a dish that was well received after an afternoon of games. With no prep, boarders were given free time outside for an hour before meeting in the ICT room to discuss tonight's options. Pupils could go to the gym for dodgeball, art room for mindfulness colouring or remain in the ICT room. It was a great way to spend, what was essentially, the last night of regular boarding this half term - squad singing taking over tomorrow night.  Happy Wednesday, boarding family! 

11 Oct

11 Oct 2

Thursday 12th October
Boarders were oozing with energy as they ran to boarding after squad singing this evening. With the usual schedule thrown out the window, pupils had a quick snack and drink and then went quickly to bed. Thanks for a great half term boarders, enjoy your holidays!!


squad 1

squad 2

squad 3

Mrs E Rawson and Miss J McRae

Jules Birdsall, 10/10/2017

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