6th October 2017

Monday morning’s assembly provided the ideal forum for me to thank pupils, staff, and also parents for their contribution to Loretto 7s hockey and rugby tournaments at U13 and U11 on Sunday. All four St. Mary’s teams acquitted themselves with credit, but I made particular mention of our U13 girls’ hockey team, who had shown great courage, skill, and endurance to end up winners of an extremely competitive U13 girls’ hockey tournament. Later on Monday, as part of their science studies, Form 8 headed off with Mrs Stuart and Mrs Harvey to Torness Power Station. Pupils reported that this was an illuminating visit, and very helpful in their understanding of energy sources. The staff at Torness were welcoming and professional, and I am pleased to report they were highly complimentary of the St. Mary’s group. Understandably, no photographs are allowed.
On Tuesday, Form 3 headed off on their second visit to Abbotsford House as part of their project on Sir Walter Scott. During this visit, they studied artefacts collected by Sir Walter Scott, which anyone who has visited Abbotsford will recount, serve as a window into the past long before Scott’s life and death in the early 1800s.
A busy programme of fixtures took place on Wednesday. Please see match reports on the website that gives details of some excellent fixtures. 
Dr Morgan and Jessie took a St. Mary’s representation consisting of Imogen, Archie, Geordie, and Libby to participate in the Prep School Academic Challenge at Sedbergh on Thursday. As I was preparing for a Board of Governors’ meeting in the evening, I welcomed repeated updates from an excited Ms Birdsall, explaining that our team was doing very well. It was with huge delight that she reported to me before she headed off that our team had won the final, the result of which was decided by the final question. Dr Morgan and his team returned after a long and draining day, but full of pride not just because the St. Mary’s team had won, but because they had been complimented on their manners and teamwork throughout the competition.
academic 3
This morning in assembly, I had great pleasure in presenting the four with their medals and shield. Each team member could be forgiven for being a little off the pace in classes today, but knowing them, they will be as attentive as ever.
This celebration theme was preceded by a lovely assembly from Mrs Scott Aiton, explaining the charity of which she is a trustee, Hazel’s Footprints Mrs Scott Aiton was pre-empting this afternoon’s cake sale, to be run by the ever-industrious and supportive Friends of St. Mary’s, some of whom came along to assembly. In the twelve years the charity has been functioning, nearly £500,000 has been raised to support education for youngsters in developing countries all around the world. This support includes the building of schools, the provision of books, educators visiting and working within the communities, amongst other hugely supportive activities. Mrs Scott Aiton is touched and delighted with the decision by the Friends of St. Mary’s to support this charity. 
As week five of the term draws to an end, credit has to be paid to all our new starters, who have settled in and become part of St. Mary’s in such a short space of time. With a week to go before half term, excitement is building towards next Thursday evening’s Squad Singing competition. As ever, spaces are in huge demand, but please be patient with the office if they cannot meet the demand for tickets.
Have a good weekend.

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