Week ending 6th October 2017

Monday 2nd October
Pupils skipped along to boarding this afternoon with a bounce in their step that only comes after an enjoyable and restful weekend. After getting changed and marking the roll, pupils went to the dining hall for dinner. It wasn't long before Chef's delicious baked beans, chips and sausages were all gone and it was time for prep. Boarders worked very hard in this time, completing tasks with complete focus and efficiency. By 7pm, everyone was ready for some fun and games, and headed towards the gym to do so. Half the boarders began in the gym doing indoor bowling, whilst the other half of pupils started the night with Heads Up. It was so much fun, for both pupils and staff, and ensured the bounce in boarders steps remained until they headed off to bed.

2 Oct

2 oct 2

2 oct 3

Tuesday 3rd October
It was quiet in the boarding houses tonight, but that allowed a more flexible itinerary for the evening. After a nourishing supper of mince, tatties and mixed vegetables, pupils went to the ICT room for prep. At 7pm, boarders were given a choice of three options - river walk with wide games, war hammer or indoor basketball. Mrs Rawson was taught how to play 'Milk, Fire, Water' and 'German Spotlight' by those on the river walk, whilst Mr Brown taught his pupils the art of creating beautifully painted models at war hammer. Max and Stefan went wild in the gym with all those excited to shoot some hoops, but no matter the activity, everyone had a good time. Happy Tuesday boarders! 

3 oct

3 oct 1

Wednesday 4th October

The search for Britain's best amateur baking team had come to St Mary's as 8 passionate groups of bakers competed for the title. Mrs Rawson and Mr Whitelaw were judges, who alongside Pam, devised a cupcake decorating challenge for tonight. They had lollies, biscuits and icing in which eight teams had to decorate and manipulate seven cupcakes. This tested the bakers' personality and creative flair, as well as their depth of skill and talent. Mrs Rawson and Mr Whitelaw inspected, prodded and sampled the decorated goodies once they were brought up to the judging table, deciding who got to have their cake - and eat it! There were traditional cupcakes, Harry Potter themed cupcakes, a Cookie Monster inspired masterpiece, sweeties topped with cupcake, a firework design and a creation made in honour of Mr Whitelaw. The runners up made a beautiful recreation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, whilst the winners wiped the chopping board with their stiletto heel and flower design. Congratulations to all those involved in what was a brilliant competition! 
If you or someone you know have an eye for design and a hand in the kitchen, then look out for The Great British Bake Off 2018 - appearing in a boarding house near you ...

Thursday 5th October
It was the last night of boarding for the week and cooking with Cheffy was on again. Tonight we were making pies, which went down a treat! It was then time for prep in the ICT room before some free time outside or in the art room. There was football and handball, as well as card making and drawing. Before long it was time for showers and bed. Thanks to all for another great week of boarding! 

4th oct

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4th oct4

bake off 2  bake off 1

Mrs E Rawson and Miss J McRae

Jules Birdsall, 04/10/2017

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