Week ending 29th September

Monday 25th September
The weather made for a dreary start this week, but fortunately for pupils who board, the boarding team were here to make the day a little brighter. With Yorkshire Pudding, meat and vegetables for dinner, the pupils were in high spirits heading into Prep. Prep ran very smoothly with pupils making the most of their time before they were allowed to get some fresh air. Mr Whitelaw and his squad of male GAPS had prepared an epic game of kick rounders which got all pupils counting down the days until next summer term. Because of the gloomy weather, Mrs Scott Aiton also provided the opportunity for boarders to make Pom poms in the Friend's common room. It was a sweet idea, and although Mrs Scott Aiton's attempt did not go as well as she had hoped, the girls who got involved all seemed to enjoyed themselves. All in all, it seemed as though the weather didn't stop anyone from going to bed with a smile on their dial. 

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25 Sept

Tuesday 26th September
Boarders flooded into the boarding houses at 5pm, ready for the night ahead. Everyone met together 30 minutes later for roll call before filing into the dining hall for yummy potato chips, pizza and coleslaw. It was then time for an hour of prep with the boarding staff in the ICT room. Afterwards however, everyone pulled on their coats and walked to the orchard for a game of capture the flag - a definite favourite of Tuesday night pupils. Unfortunately it was soon time for juniors to go inside and get ready for bed, but senior pupils were happy to have some free time on the tennis courts. Another wonderful Tuesday evening at St Mary's! 

26 sept

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Wednesday 27th September
Boarders came into boarding tonight full of energy from games and the usual mid week madness. Dinner was a GAP favourite, Chicken Fajitas, that was joyfully served and cooked by Ang and Cheffy in the kitchen. No prep meant that pupils had free time straight after dinner. Form 6's had their usual Wednesday chat on the front pitch, whilst Form 8's continued with the football match that had begun last night. Later in the evening some pupils split off to the Friend's Common Room to make soap with Mrs Rawson - a lush gift for family and friends! Those remaining outside eventually drifted into a group game of touch rugby with Mr Whitelaw setting the pace of the game. By 8pm, boys and girls had retired to their respective boarding houses and were showered and fed before lights out. 

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The girls collected lavender, rosemary and flower petals from the House garden. We then melted shea butter with essential oil and our gatherings to make min pineapple soaps! Mrs R

making soap

Thursday 28th September
Thursday night at St Mary's began with dinner in the dining hall. Tonight's nourishment came in the form of lasagne, salad, roast potatoes and coleslaw, followed by delicious yoghurt and fruit. Once all that was consumed it was time for Senior's to do prep in the ICT room or go to a science tutorial with Mrs Stuart, and juniors to have free time outside. At 7pm, everyone proceeded outside and across the road to the orchard to pick apples from the flourishing apple trees. Those who didn't want to pick apples went with Mr Rawson to watch Mr Brown's rugby training on the back pitches. Some other goodies we found whilst picking apples however, were juicy purple plums!! So awesome to see kids enthusiastic about picking fresh and healthy produce and eating it straight from the source. Once everyone had filled the apple container to the brim we handed it over to Mrs Stuart's husband. Mr Stuart owns Thistly Cross Cider and has kindly offered to turn the fresh apples into juice that the boarders can drink next week at supper! Another fab reason to board on a Thursday night!

29 sept

29 sept 2

Mrs E Rawson and Miss J McRae

Jules Birdsall, 27/09/2017

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