Form 3 Project - Sir Walter Scott

As part of their project on Walter Scott Form 3 have a number of trips planned for this term.

On Tuesday 19th September, Form 3 went to visit Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott.  We heard the story of his favourite animals Maida the dog and Hince the cat.  As we walked around, we had to find clues in his study, library, drawing room and dining room of artefacts and people who had an influence on his writing. 

abbotsford 1

abbotsford 2

On Tuesday 26th September Form 3 visited the burial site of Sir Walter Scott and his family at Dryburgh Abbey.dryburgh abbey

On Tuesday 3rd October Form 3 visited Abbotsford to look at artefacts belonging to Sir Walter Scott.  A very interesting morning.




Tuesday 10th October
From 3 continued their research on Sir Walter Scott today by visiting Selkirk Court.

selkirk court 1 selkirk court 2
selkirk court 2 selkirk court

Tuesday 31st October
On Tuesday Form 3 visited Abbortsford House for their final lesson on Sir Walter Scott.  They walked around the amazing rooms looking at their favourite artefacts.  They had to draw and describe them using adjectives.  They took this inspiration and went to the classroom to write creative poems.  A wonderful trip which created some very enthusiastic poets.  Please keep a look out for their finished masterpieces which will be on display shortly. 

form 3 trip

form 3 trip 1

form 3 trip 3

Form 3 visit Sir Walter Scott’s Uncle’s house - Tuesday 7th November
On Tuesday Form 3 finished off their research on Sir Walter Scott by visiting Rufus’s house where Sir Walter Scott’s Aunt and uncle used to live.  Mr Stewart gave us a wonderful History lesson when we arrived and took us around the grounds to see the dovecot, burial ground of Sir Walter Scott’s Uncle’s family and a tour around the stables and walled garden.  This was a great history and Outdoor Learning trip to finish our topic.  Thank you very much Rufus and Mr and Mrs Stewart for sharing with us the History of your home.

form 3 trip nov 1

form 3 trip nov 2

Mrs J Kirkness