Week ending 22nd September 2017

Monday 18th September
The Form 8's were still on a field trip at the beginning of boarding this evening and so it was quiet at the start of week 3. There was delicious roast chicken and vegetables for dinner, as well as fruit and yoghurt. After dinner, pupils completed prep in Mrs Scott- Aiton's room and then  braved the Autumn chill for a game of Sardines on the front pitch. It was a nice alternative to our usual version inside the school buildings and provided a lot of fun for the boarders who came outside to play. Eventually, however, the boarders had to prepare for bed and get a good nights rest ahead of what promises to be another busy week at St Mary's. 

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18 sept 4

Tuesday 19th September
What a beautiful Tuesday to stay after school and hang out with your friends! Boarders were full of chat this evening as they munched on toothsome beef burgers in the dining hall. Finishing quickly with time to spare before prep, Mr Brown produced his Harry Potter Trivia Pursuit game and tested each of the boarders - Archie claiming the title of #1 Harry Potter fan. During prep boarders worked with the help of duty staff if needed and then split into two groups for activity time. One group went with Mrs Rawson to her house to make Top Hats, an 'English Delicacy' (Hannah, 19th of September) that neither Aussie GAP's had heard of before, whilst the remaining pupils played cricket, football or touch rugby outside. It had been a cracker of a day today, despite the frosty morning, and continued to be nice all evening until boarders resided to their respective boarding houses for showers, Top Hats and bed. 


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Wednesday 20th September
Oh, what a night!
Mid September, back in '17
What a very special night for St Mary's
As we remember, what a night!
Oh, what a night!
You know, we had three new boarders
And school was never gonna be the same (for them)
What great pupils, what a night!
Oh, we
Had free time and played dodgeball and made trash fashion
So good!
But as we recall, it ended much too soon.
Oh, what a night!
Captivating, stimulating them
It was everything we'd hoped it'd be
Brilliant fun, what a night!

Thursday 21st September
The week was drawing to a close as boarders filed into the dining hall for Cooking with Cheffy. Dough, tomato paste and cheese filled the tables so it was obvious that pizza, a favourite of everyone's, was on the menu. After creating some peculiar looking but deliciously tasting pizzas, senior boarders did prep in the ICT room whilst juniors played football outside. Later in the night, pupils spent time in the art room helping Mrs Stuart make posters for Bang Goes The Boarders. The dining hall, which will be decorated with these posters on Saturday, is going to look superb! When Senior boarders had finished prep, they also had the opportunity to play outside -Mr Rawson setting up a game of American Football. As we cruise into the last day of school, boarders seem relaxed and happy - lots of laughter and smiles filling the two boarding houses. 

21 sept

Mrs E Rawson and Jessie McRae, GAP

Jules Birdsall, 19/09/2017

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