Week ending 15th September

Monday 11th September

It was the usual Monday madness as boarders met in the quiet area outside the kitchen. After catching up on weekend activities, we moved into the dining hall for chicken pie and vegetables. Prep was then completed in the ICT lab, where Form 8's led by example and worked in silence in order to complete as much work as possible. Activity time tonight was Dance Murder and Musical Chairs in the Morrison Hall, a great way to keep the post holiday enthusiasm alive. Once Juniors had gone inside for showers, boarders were given free time outside for the rest of the evening. A very relaxing and enjoyable way to kick off the new school week.
11 sept 3
11 sept 4 11 sept

Tuesday 12th September
Girls and boys congregated in the dining hall this evening to mark attendance and welcome a new boarder. Dinner was wholesome Gammon Steak and vegetables, a dish the pupils love. It was then time for prep in the ICT suite where numerous pupils spent time doing activities that where linked with the school's new Accelerate Reading Program. For the activity tonight, Mr Brown had set up a game of capture the flag throughout the entire school. This was the first time that version of the game had been played this year and it was epic. It was also a great opportunity to see the Form 8's leadership on display. The evening concluded in its usual style with showers, snack and reading before lights were finally turned off for the night.

12 sept

12 sept 2

Wednesday 13th September
Tonight, for possibly the first time all year, every boarder was present for dinner this Wednesday; all away matches returning in time for our evening meal. The menu tonight was sweet corn, rice and chilli con carne followed by fruit or yoghurt if pupils so desired. Rain had come since matches had finished so pupils were given free time inside after dinner, and then told to meet in the ICT room at 6:45pm. Mr Whitelaw had designed an awesome online pub quiz for pupils to complete on the iPads in groups of four or five. There were general knowledge questions, as well as more specific questions on Spain, Australia, Geography, Sport and Movies. This was the first time we had done a quiz in this style and it seemed as though the pupils loved every minute of it! A fabulous night to be a boarder at St Mary's.

13 sept 13 sept 2
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Thursday 14th September
Cheffy was waiting in the dining hall for borders this evening as they made their way from the two boarding houses. Another week of cooking with Cheffy had us making beautiful chicken nuggets, which Kate described as 'better than McDonalds'! Having prepared, cooked and eaten our chicken with salad, boarders got their books from their lockers and got on with prep. After an hour of work, pupils either went outside to play a group game of football or helped Mrs Stuart make posters for Bang Goes The Boarders (23rd of September, Friday night boarding available wooo!!). It was the perfect way to ease any stress boarders might have been feeling at the start of this new term and sent the pupils to bed feeling happy and content. Have a lovely weekend, boarders!

14 Sept

Mrs Rawson and Jessie McRae

Jules Birdsall, 15/09/2017

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