Week ending Thursday 6th July 

Monday 3rd July

A beautiful Scottish Summer's afternoon accompanied boarders tonight for a relaxed night of boarding. BBQ dinner was served outside, under the big tree, where boarders had salad, burgers, sausages and strawberries all on offer for them. After finishing dinner whilst watching the final few bowls of Father/Son cricket, boarding students grabbed an extra layer from the changing rooms and headed to the Tweed River. With no wind and the sun peeking from behind the clouds, it was the perfect night to go out and explore, whilst of course skimming some stones along the way. After a great amount of fun, everyone headed back to school to get ready for bed. Despite this, the Form 8's still had some free time and dedicated it to playing tennis - the beginning of Wimbledon obviously inspiring a few keen athletes. Watching the Form 8's playing together on the courts, however, reminded everyone of what a great bunch of pupils they are. We will surely miss them when they leave St Mary's on Thursday for the very last time.

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Tuesday 4th July

Yet again the rain came to intrude on Tuesday night boarding but it did not succeed in dampening spirits. Boarders met in the Boys common room to mark attendance with Mrs Stewart, Mr Whitelaw, Max and Jessie before going to the dining hall for supper. There was ham, salad, potatoes and cheese, as well as yoghurts and fruit for dessert. After dinner, boarders spread themselves throughout the building at various activities set up by staff. There was karaoke in the Form 2 room, board games in the dinner hall, air hockey on the veranda and a showing of Wimbledon in the common room. It was a fantastic way to have fun on a rainy night and pupils definitely made the most of all that was on offer. At 7:30pm girls and boys split off to their respective houses, juniors going for showers and snack. Seniors were treated with some more organised activity time, boys having a FIFA tournament in Mr Whitelaw's flat and girls painting their toenails in Mrs Stewart's flat. Bring on tomorrow and the second last day of school! 

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Mrs E Rawson, Housemistress

Wednesday 6th July

The end of the 2016/17 academic year had finally arrived and Summer was just around the corner. However, before pupils began their holidays there was one last night of boarding to be had. It was a special one for the Form 8's in particular, almost the entire form choosing to board on their last night as a St Mary's pupil. The night began after prize giving, pupils having free time on the courts in order to stretch their legs after sitting in the marquee. After half an hour it was inside for showers and snack, whilst the Form 8's were invited over to the Girls Common room for some fun and games. Pizza and sparkling apple juice fuelled their excitement as they prank called various staff members and then went about the school having some late night fun. Mr P will certainly have enough sticky notes for the next academic year after tonight, and Mrs Harvey will be ready to party next time she takes her car for a drive. It was a fantastic way to finish the year and for the Form 8's to celebrate their time at St Mary's. Thanks for a phenomenal year Boarders and enjoy your holidays!!

5 july

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5 july 2

Jessie McRae, GAP Student


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