Week ending 30th June 2017   

Monday 26th June

The boarding house was abuzz with excitement this evening for the opening of the new Girls' Boarding House!

Girls raced into their new rooms, eager to reserve a particular bed, whilst the boys revealed in the opportunity to explore the dorms that had previously been out of bounds. This excitement spread to the dining hall, constant and enthusiastic chatter accompanying our dinner of macaroni cheese and potato wedges. Once the dining hall had been cleared, boarders put on their running shoes and headed outside to participate in a one mile run for the The Toby Henderson Trust.

It was a fantastic activity for members of the St Mary's community to get involved in and was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils. The hard effort of boarding runners was rewarded with cake made by Pam in celebration of the New Buccleuch House. Boarders then spent the rest of the evening having free time outside, sharing stories and running around. By 8pm, both boys and girls had departed for their respected areas in order to get ready for bed - ready for the next day's excitment.

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Tuesday 27th June

Rain trudged down from above as boarders ran into the Boys' common room for attendance. It was one of the largest congregations we've had on a Tuesday this year, a great positive for the end of the academic year. The kitchen staff had prepared a lovely and nutritious dinner of Vegetable lasagne, chips and salad, all of which the boarders finished quickly. It was then time for a movie in the Girls' common room, the first opportunity the boys had had to see the new house. The boys were chuffed with the house but quickly became distracted by the voice of Lego Batman, which was playing on the new TV in the Friends common room. Before long the credits began rolling and it was time for the boys to depart for showers and bed. Another fantastic night celebrating, and making the most of, the New Buccleuch House!

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Wednesday 28th June
Girls and boys met in the common room with the smell of chicken curry making stomachs rumble for dinner. Luckily pupils and staff didn't have to wait long and were soon standing in the dining hall for grace. After dinner, pupils headed outside for some free time. Those who didn't want to play outside came inside to the art room and made some beautiful pieces of art, whilst also finishing some book reviews that would be due the next day. Before long it was 7:30pm and time for Juniors to head inside for showers and snack. Wednesday night boarding, another great night for all.

28 june

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Thursday 29th June
Boarders bustled into the Boys' Common Room, ready for the last Thursday boarding night of the Academic Year. The kitchen had prepared a lovely meal of baked potato, ham, salad and beans that the pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed before having free time around the school. Some boarders played football tennis over the fence of the tennis courts, others enjoyed a regular game of tennis or played air hockey inside the school. At 7pm, boarders made their way to the front pitch were Mr Brown had set up a game of Super Sized Danish Longball - a favourite of the boarding pupils. Other students who wanted some quieter time went to the Girls' common room to do mindfulness colouring with Mrs Rawson. It was a lovely way to finish the second last boarding week of term and left everyone excited for the activities in stall at school tomorrow. 

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Mrs Rawson / Jessie McRae




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