Week ending 9th June 2017  

Monday 5th June

Exams left the boarding house feeling tired tonight, however, this only increased the family feel. The night began with homemade sausage rolls, beans and wedges; a delicious dinner that refuelled boarders after their day of exams. Boarders then went to prep where they continued with their revision, before going outside for some free time at 7pm. Pupils played tennis, threw a frisbee around and passed a basketball between themselves. A couple of the girls decided to finish the decoupage they had begun last week, and got a sneak preview of the new girl's boarding house while they were at it!.. With no juniors boarding, everyone came inside together at 7:50pm for snack and showers. It was then time for bed, where boarders got to sleep quickly so as to get as much rest as possible for tomorrow's exams. 

Tuesday 6th June 

The rain couldn't dampen boarder's spirits tonight as pupils headed throughout their usual boarding activities. Pupils had delicious chicken curry for dinner before making their way to prep in the science lab. Mrs Stuart's skill set was put to fantastic use, a science teacher who is fluent in French, as Form 7 and 8's had science exams the following day and Form 6's had a full day of French exams. It was decided that in amongst the stress of exams, a silly activity would be best for tonight and so boarders belted out their favourite songs in a fabulous night of karaoke. There were new songs and old classics, but no matter what was played, the boarding family joined in and gave their support to the pupils on the mic. It was an awesome idea of Mrs Stuart's and one I'm certain we'll do  again next wet weather night. 

6 june 1

6 june 2

6 june 3

6 june 4

Wednesday 7th June

Wednesday night is the perfect night for movies, and taking into account the mass of exams student had already completed and were still to complete this week, a movie night was the perfect activity for tonight. After coming back from matches with various degrees of success, boarders had lovely baked potato, ham and vegetables. Since some boarders were still returning from games, we gave the boarders half an hour of free time before they showered and came as an army of duvets to the Hamilton building. Treats were in abundance and Sing was chosen as the movie of the night. It was a great way to relax as we head into the last night of boarding before midterm.



Thursday 8th June

It 'twas the night before Kith N Kin and almost all boarders had finished their tests.
Only Form 8 had one or two to go but remained determine to do their best.
But before anything else it was time for supper, Chili Con Carne and rice for us all.
Then games of various sorts, mucking around, until Mr Brown's big and loud call.
'Moana' will be showing in the ICT theatre, you've got ten minutes to make sure you're showered and there.
It had been a stressful week for one and all, surely the treat of a movie was only fair.
A fantastic way to lead into holidays, where boarders will hopefully be having more fun.
Thanks for a great eight weeks of school pupils, enjoy your break in the beautiful sun.





Emma Rawson, 08/06/2017

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