Week ending 26th May 2017   

Monday 22nd May 

Week 6 kick started with a bang, pupils learning how to cook Sweet Chilli Beef Stirfry with Cheffy. The boarders thoroughly enjoyed this meal, hopefully it will return again soon, and learnt some valuable kitchen skills along the way. After satisfying the boarders hunger cravings, it was time for prep in the ICT and then some free time outside. With the weather being so unpredictable, staying on campus and giving the boarder's some unorganised time was the most practical thing for tonight. Seniors played football and tennis together on the front pitch, whilst the junior girls went to Mrs Rawson's house to make framed artwork for the new girl's boarding house. It was a relaxing evening that helped set the boarders up for the rest of the week. 

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Tuesday 23rd May

Boarders met in the common room for another night of boarding. We had more pupils then usual for a Tuesday night, very promising considering the upcoming opening of a second boarding house. The kitchen team had prepared yummy chicken tortillas for dinner, and after devouring them, pupils went to the Form 4 classroom to do prep. After Prep everyone headed outside to make the most of the lovely weather and play diamond cricket. A fantastic summer night in the boarding house!

23 may 1


Wednesday 24th May

A heat wave struck Melrose today, shorts and t-shirts appearing out of the cupboard for what seemed like the first time this year. The fantastic weather made the boarders especially eager to be outside, hence they quickly consumed dinner (tender beef kebabs, corn on the cob and salad) and sprinted to the front pitch. Cricket in the nets, various throwing and catching games and some wrestling with Oscar were the main activities for the night before everyone met as a group and went on a Summer night walk to the river. Boarders had a glorious time skimming stones, rock hopping, making rafts and splashing each other with water. Afterwards, when everyone returned to school, Mr and Mrs Harvey treated the pupils with ice cream - the perfect way to cool boarders down before bed.

Tonight was definitely one of the most memorable boarding nights not only because of the lovely weather, but because of the general enthusiasm of pupils. Let's hope this good weather and positivity continues for the rest of the term! 





Thursday 25th May

The weather gods produced another impeccable night on Thursday the 26th for our St Mary's boarders. Everyone met inside, out of the heat, to mark attendance and eat a delicious risotto dinner. It was then time for prep, where everyone was tested on their spelling and given time for revision. Juniors finished earlier, as per usual, and made their way outside to enjoy the great weather. At 7:15, all the boarders met on the front pitch for a game of capture the flag with water balloons. Though the game didn't last as long as the staff had hoped, everyone had a fantastic time and were immediately asking when we could play again. Hopefully this uncharacteristic Scottish weather sticks around so that we can play again soon. It was an awesome way to end another fantastic week of boarding.










Photos by Mrs Harvey

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