Week ending 19th May 2017  


Monday 15th May 


Pupils met at 5pm to start another week of boarding. A switch of duty teachers this week meant Mrs Stuart was navigating the ship tonight. Unfortunately there was no cooking with Cheffy tonight but the kitchen team still managed to plate up an excellent meal of macaroni cheese, carrots and baguette. After dinner it was time for prep, where the Form 8's were busy revising for Common Entrance exams in the morning. These exams mark the beginning of the exam period so we thought it was best to offer a relaxed activity afterwards so that pupils could have the opportunity to refresh themselves. A group vote elected 'Cheaper By The Dozen' as the movie of the night, but for the boarders who wanted to get some time outside the boarding staff organised a game of football and opened the tennis court for some matches. What a fantastic way to start Week 5!








Tuesday 16th May

Up the stairs the boarders came for a fun filled Tuesday night. Mrs Scott Aiton led the role call and then we moved to dinner promptly, eager for some sticky lemon chicken, salad and wedges. At 6pm it was off to Prep for an hour of intense study, Mrs Scott Aiton and Pablo there to help any pupils with questions. The weather outside was a bit miserable tonight so the staff decided to bring the activity inside to the Morrison Hall. A game of Dance Murder was set up and then after a few rounds the girl's versed the boys in an intense dance battle, both teams producing equally impressive routines. At 7:30pm the juniors headed inside whilst the Seniors went outside for some free time. The night finished with showers, snack, quiet reading and some fun facts for boarders to read on the blackboard before bed. 

16 may 1  16 may 2

16 may 3  16 may 4


Wednesday 17 May

It was organised chaos as usual tonight as boarders came from various places at various times to stay the night at school. Most pupils had arrived from matches by dinner time and were welcomed with broccoli, noodles and pork stroganoff. With no prep on games day, pupils headed outside for free time. Some of the boys set up a game of football whilst others chose to play tennis or just chat under the setting sun. At 6:45pm, all the boarders stopped their games to take a walk to the river and skim stones. Under the excellent guidance of Mr Rawson, who once placed 3rd in the world for stone skimming, pupils attempted to bounce stones across the water to the other side. We had a wonderful time, pupils eventually ending up wading in the shallows enjoying the fantastic Scottish weather. A great activity for all and one I'm sure we'll do again!







Thursday 18th May

The last boarding night of week 5 began with a bang, the kitchen staff producing a lovely chicken korma for dinner. After catching up on the day's events during the meal, boarders headed to prep and put their heads down for an hour of study. Once spelling words had been tested and the last of this week's prep completed, pupils went to the front pitch for Super Sized Rounders. The game was as wild and hilarious as usual, but it was still fantastic to see boarders of all sizes giving it their best. Those who didn't want to play Rounders went over to Mr and Mrs Rawson's house to paint sunflower pots. Each boarding night has been given a sunflower to grow for the Friends Of St Mary's competition and once they begin to sprout, we'll be sure to update the Boarders Blog on which night has got the tallest sunflower. Once activities were over it was time to get ready for bed as usual, another week of the 2016/17 boarding year done and dusted. 

19 may

19 may 1

19 may 2

19 may 4

19 may 3

Jessie McRae

Emma Rawson, 15/05/2017

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