Week ending 12th May 2017 

12 may 1

Monday 8th May

Boarders congregated in the kitchen for cooking with Cheffy. Tonight's meal was lasagne and salad, with students making garlic bread to go with the meal. As always, there was a great deal of mess accompanied by a great deal of excitement! From there it was off to prep where pupils studied hard until activity time. The activity for tonight was Ultimate Rounders. Pupils had an awesome time trying to work together as a team to get batters out and score as many Rounders as possible. After a couple of innings each, it was off to snack and showers. Another fabulous night at boarding!

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8 may 4

Tuesday 9th May

On Tuesday the 9th of May, the sun decided it was going to shine all day and well into the night. This definitely lifted the spirits of boarders as the headed into the dinning hall for dinner. On the menu today was chicken and bacon pie with potatoes, carrots and peas; a definite favourite of the boarders. At 6pm most students went to prep as per normal, however, some had an hour of tennis lessons to do first. Once the hour was up, boarders who had been in prep went outside to play some wacky races whilst the pupils from tennis came inside to do their prep. Outside, pupils were split into teams and then put to the test against each other in some unusual events such as performing a synchronised swimming routine on land (check out the new boarding instagram to see a clip @stmarysmelroseboarding ), hula hooping for the longest period of time and backward running relays. 

The mixture of challenges was an awesome idea of Hannah's and was beautifully planned by Mrs Stewart. After the success of tonight, it looks as though we're going to have to put our thinking caps on for next week's activity! 

9 may 2

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9 may 3


Wednesday 10th May

Boarders seemed to ooze energy tonight, not in the least bit tired by this afternoon's matches. After refuelling on baked potatoes, ham, salad and beans, the boarders headed to various areas around the school for free time. Pupils with music exams coming up went to the music room to perfect their pieces, whilst other pupils came outside to play a group game of football. Eventually pupils split off to play Rounders and tennis as well, but before that a great amount of fun was had playing football together. At 7pm, some of the juniors went with Mr Rawson for a walk down to the Tweed river - making the most of the lovely weather. By 8pm everyone had come inside and was having snack, pupils going to bed with the end of the week in sight. 






Thursday 11th May

Boarders congregated in the common room for the last boarding night of Week 4. Attendance was marked and then it was pizza time; boarders thrilled at the menu for tonight. Pizza, chips, corn on the cob and various salads were served up to boarders who sat in mixed Form groups. At 6pm, pupils moved to ICT to memorise the last of their spelling words and finish any other prep they had. By 6:30pm the Juniors were ready to go outside; Mr Mateos setting up a game of football and Rounders. 

For those pupils who preferred something a little more relaxed, Mr Rawson brought out his Warhammer and some pupils joined in with that. Finally it was time for showers, snack and bed - much excitement buzzing through the pupils for Anna's 11th birthday in the morning. I know what song she'll be waking up to ... Thanks for another great week boarders! 





Mrs R, J Mc, M H, 07/05/2017

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