Week ending 5th May 2017

Monday 1st May

The beginning of the week involved cooking Scotch Eggs with Cheffy, studying hard for exams and then having free time outside. Today was Pam's birthday so the boarders all came in together for snack and surprised her with flowers, a card and cake - a small token of appreciation for our beloved matron and a great way to start the week. 

1st may

1st may 1

1st may 2

1st may 3

1st may 4

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1st may 6

Tuesday 2nd May

We had a small group of boarders in the house tonight but it did not diminish the amount of fun had by pupils. We met in the common room to organise when pupils would do their prep in amongst tennis lessons, and then moved to the dining hall for dinner. After some delicious Gammon steak and vegetables, everyone moved to the science lab for an hour of prep. By the time prep was finished students were buzzing to get outside and have some free time; the Form 8 boys choosing to set up a football match whilst everyone else coming together to play Rounders. There was some super hitting and fantastic catches from all those involved, very promising for the matches tomorrow.

Board for tomorrow. Answer to the riddle - candle!

3rd may

Wednesday 3rd May

Boarders came in waves tonight because of matches as far away as Kilgrasten. For those that were here on time, the evening began with a lovely chicken stir fry that was followed by boarders going out to the front pitch for some free time. By 7pm, all the boarders had arrived back at school and were out on the fields playing football, rounders and tennis. Mrs Rawson also entertained a few of the juniors by making windmills. At 7:30pm the juniors headed inside for snack and showers, seniors joining them a little later. It was a lovely evening that left all the boarders feeling relaxed and ready for the tail end of the week.

Wed 1


Thursday 4th May

he crowds arrived for another night of boarding.
H ungry for a mouthwatering dinner of shredded beef, broccoli and noodles.
U nable to play outside straight away, games were postponed until Prep was completed.
R unning to the big tree at 7pm, it was time to play capture the flag.
ome Juniors also chose to make windmills at Mrs Rawson's house.
ucking and weaving past the other teams, Tommy DB's group finished up champions.
A bout 7:30pm it was time for snack and bed, ready to rest after a full day.
Y ay for tomorrow though, a cooked breakfast will fuel everyone up for the last day of week 3.



Marnie Harvey/Julie Birdsall, 02/05/2017

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