Week ending 27th April 

Monday 24th April
Tonight at snack I asked the junior girls (Elena DG, Emily D, Sophie, Libby, Iona to write about what they and the older girls had done during activity time. Here is what they said.
'Tonight at boarding, Mrs Rawson invited us to her house to make bunting for the new boarding house. Not all of us had made bunting before, but we all knew what it required. We made a paper sign that said 'girls boarding house' in floral pattern, as well as bunting from plain material. We had great fun and can't wait to see our creations up in the new house!'

The older boarders spent their time after Prep playing tennis, cricket and football. It was great to run around outside and burn off a big dinner of homemade pizza (pupils made them from scratch with the help of Cheffie), sweet potato chips and broccoli. What a fantastic way to start the week! 

letter bunting 1

leter bunting 2

27 April

27 april 1

27 april 2

Tuesday 25th April
It was a wet start to the week but the boarders pushed on. Dinner was superb; chicken fajitas always a favourite. Boarders then headed to prep with form 8's pushing on through common entrance and the other pupils revising for end of year tests. Whilst the form 7 boys played an intense game of football that ended up 7 all, Mrs Stewart did some Oragami with the Juniors. Between the senior girls, an immense game of tennis was happening on the tennis court. After the juniors had had snack and gone to bed, some form 8's watched tv before also going to bed. It was a great night. 
Written by Form 8 pupils (Joseph, Wilfie, Naesi, Millie and Abbie) 
27 april 3

27 April 4

27 april 5

Wednesday 26th April
There was a full house of boarders tonight and everyone was excited for the night. The kitchen had prepared tender Moroccan lamb with potato wedges and sweet corn, which filled the boarders with energy for a night of fun and games. Form's 3 to 7 began with free time, whilst the Form 8's revised for common entrance. When they had completed their revision they came out into the sunshine to join everyone in a game of Super Size Danish Longball. The junior girls who weren't so keen on versing a giant medicine ball had the opportunity to visit Mrs Rawson and do a craft activity. No matter what activity boarders chose to do, they came away with a smile and a new skill. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store! 

27 april 6

27 april 7

27 april 8

27 april 9

Thursday 28th April
The chatter of boarders could be heard from upstairs as they made their way into the boarding house from prep. After quickly getting changed and marking the role, boarders met Ang in the kitchen for risotto and sausages. Everyone then moved to ICT to do prep, some students choosing to practice their musical instruments once they had finished their homework. By 7pm however, everyone was out on the tennis courts ready to play a group game of dodgeball! It was awesome to see all the students getting involved and giving it a go, no matter their size or what the weather was doing (it was attempting to rain). Finally it was time to go inside again and have a little snack before resting up for a big day on Friday. 

28 april

28 april 1

28 april 2

28 april 3

Miss Jessie McRae

Jules Birdsall, 27/04/2017

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