Week ending 21st April 

Wednesday 19th April

Hi ho hi ho, it's off to school we go!
We worked real hard, back at school
In our classes the whole day through.
Then off to boarding for a night, 
it's what we like to do.
We study hard and then play games,
But no two nights are ever the same!
If ya come come come come come,
Be ready for some fun!
At boarding (At boarding),
At St Mary's (at St Mary's).
Where all the pupils
Shhhiiinnnneee (shine).
We work work work work work work work,
From early mornin' til' night.
We play play play play play play play,
Not for fortune or fame.
We're one big family,
Come along and you'll see.
There's always room for more,
So feel free to join the team!
Hi ho hi ho, in the morning everyone goes
But come straight back, they surely will
For another good night of laughter and thrills!
Welcome back to school, boarders! 

19 april

19 april 1

19 april 2

19 april 3

19 april 4

Thursday 20th April

Though we've only had two nights of boarding this term, it is already obvious that the increased sunlight hours will make for a fantastic time at boarding. After a scrumptious dinner of chicken curry and rice, boarders headed to prep to practice their poetry competition pieces and complete any other prep they had been given. After finishing that work, the Juniors ran out into the sunshine and played together until the Seniors joined them at 7pm. At that point, a medicine ball and some Rounders posts appeared so a game of Super Size Kick Rounders was set up. The resulting fun can be seen in the pictures below. Thanks for a great first week boarders! 

19 april 4

20 april 1

20 april 2

20 april 3

20 april 4

20 april 5

20 april 6

Jessie McRae, GAP Student

Jules Birdsall, 20/04/2017

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