Week ending 24th March 

Before the clock had struck ten past five, all the boarders were in the common room - record timing for a Monday night. They must have been excited for another round of cooking with Cheffy, especially after the amazing stir-fry we made last week. This week's menu didn't disappoint, Cheffy preparing a selection of ingredients so that the boarders could make bhajis to go with a chicken curry. Parents, don't be surprised if your children come home and ask to make chicken curry and bhajis because they were sensational! The Seniors didn't have any prep because they had been at Wizard of Oz rehearsals all day, so after dinner everyone went outside and had free time until 7pm. The boarders then moved to the common room to play 'Mixed Bag of 500'. Groups of four pupils worked together to complete activities that were worth different amounts of points. The first team to earn 500 points won, Team One taking out the honours on the last Monday boarding night of the Lent term.

24 March 

24 march 1

24 march 2

Tuesday 23rd March
Easter Games
Tnight the boarders took part in Easter Games around the school grounds. Split into their squads, they took part in different activities including egg & spoon relays, shooting hoops, an assault course and Easter sculpture! Each team was awarded points and tokens which were exchanged for chocolate eggs and coins. Whilst moving between games, squads also looked for bunnies as part of a scavenger hunt.

Lots of fun (and chocolate!) was had by all with Scott winning overall!

24 march 4

24 march 5

24 march 6

24 march 7

24 march 8
Mrs E Rawson

Wednesday 22nd of March
In amongst the craziness of musical shows, boarding continued on as normal. All the Seniors were getting ready for the evening show so it was very quiet in the common room during role call. After role call it was time for dinner in which boarders feasted on potato chips, beans and sausages. The weather outside was looking a bit miserable, and considering the small number of juniors boarding, a movie in the common room was decided to be the activity of the evening. Everyone grabbed their duvets and pillows and spread out on the couches to watch Spider-Man 2. Then it was off to bed, the Seniors coming up after the show to clean their teeth and 'hit the hay' as well.

24 march 3
Thursday 24th of March
Similar to last night, the majority of boarders were absent for most of the night because of the Wizard of Oz. Hence it was decided that after last nights successful movie night, another movie night would be offered to the boarders. They were super keen at the idea so after a wholesome dinner of lasagne, garlic bread and salad, the juniors rugged up and went over to Mr and Mrs Rawson's home to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was wonderful for the juniors to spend some time with Mrs Rawson, especially since she will be around quite often next term in the new girls boarding house. After the wonderful movie it was back to the current boarding house where the juniors were tucked into bed for the last time this term, the Seniors joining them later. Happy holidays everyone!!

Miss Jessie McRae

Jules Birdsall, 29/03/2017

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