Week ending 17th March 2017

Monday 13th March

A surprise awaited the boarders who congregated in the common room tonight. Cooking with Cheffie was back!! After a quick demo with the man himself, boarders set about cutting up chicken and vegetables for a nutrional stirfry. Everyone was super excited to be able to make their own dinner and learn about different chopping techniques and knife safety. After dinner, senior pupils went to prep whilst the juniors played outside and in the art room. At 7pm, the junior girls went to Mrs Rawson's house to make bunting for the new boarding house. All the craft activities Mrs Rawson has been offering pupils have been fantastic and will definitely help to make the new boarding house feel like home next term. During activities, numerous boys went for showers and snack early so that they could watch Manchester United vs Chelsea in the common room. It was a cracker of a game, Chelsea winning 1-0. Another jam packed night in the boarding house that left everyone going to bed with a smile from ear to ear. 

17 March

17 march 1

Tuesday 14th March

Switching it up on this lovely Tuesday, Mrs Scott-Aiton was the teacher on boarding because Mrs Stewart was occupied with Form 8 parent evening. Welcoming Mrs Scott-Aiton and the boarders to dinner was Gammon Steak, corn and potato wedges. Seniors then went to prep in the Form 4 classroom whilst juniors were set with the challenge of creating a piece of artwork revolving around Oscar (Mr and Mrs Harvey's loyal dog). Henry was awarded the winner of this challenge because of his comedic take, however, all the entries were magnificent! When activity time came around, all the students met in the dining hall for a 'pub' quiz. Topics included music, Spanish, general knowledge and sport. Pupils were split into squad groups, Scott coming out on top! It was a great way to spend some time together as a boarding house and prepare the students for Squad day next Thursday. 

 14 March

14 March 1

14 march 2

14 march 3

Wednesday 15th March

Considering the time of term and sporting activities boarders had participated in this afternoon, a movie night was the perfect way for everyone to finish their Wednesday. Boarders met for roll call in the common room and then headed to the dining hall for chicken, mixed vegetables and potato wedges. In order to make the most of the boarder's movie time, everyone had a shower straight after dinner and then made their way over to the Hamilton building; an army of school students armed with duvets and popcorn, ready for a night at the cinema. The movies showing were Madagascar and The Jungle Book, boarders distributing themselves evenly between the two home cinemas. ''Twas a lovely night sure to leave boarders refreshed and ready to take on the last seven days of the Lent term. 

15 March

15 march 1

Thursday 15th March

They were heard before they were seen, a stampede of boarders thudding up the stairs to the boarding house. It wasn't long before the thudding returned as boarders made their way back down the stairs to roll call and dinner. Ange and the rest of the cooking staff had prepared a scrumptious dinner of roast chicken, potatoes and mixed vegetables. Before boarders left the dining hall, the choice of activity for tonight was put to a vote, free time winning unanimously. Most of the pupils went outside to play football, hand ball and capture the flag, however, some girls also went to the music room to practice for their upcoming music exams. The night ended with a viewing of 'Dinner Date' in the common room, for the Form 8's who were interested, and then pupils were off to bed to reenergise for musical rehearsals tomorrow. 

16 March

16 March 1

Miss Jessie McRae
GAP Student

Jules Birdsall, 17/03/2017

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