Week ending 10th March 2017

Monday 6th March
Boarders congregated in the common room this afternoon for another week of boarding. After checking attendance, students went to the dining hall to have a scrumptious dinner of roast potato, ham, cheese and beans. Forms 6-8 then moved to the Hamilton building to do an hour of prep with Mr Rawson, whilst the Junior boys went outside with Max and Junior girls remained inside with Mrs Scott-Aiton. The girls with Mrs Scott Aiton were set the challenge of painting something with a heart in it, whilst the boys outside were trying to break Max's heart in a fierce game of football. Once the Seniors were finished prep, students were given the option of rehearsing for their Boarder's Got Talent performance or playing indoor bowling in the Sanderson building. It was a fantastic night with some new activities on offer to satisfy the interests of the boarders and keep the excitement in the boarding house. 

10th March

10th March

10 march 2

10th March 3

Tuesday 7th March
''Twas the night before Boarders Got Talent and everyone was in high spirits. After a delicious dinner of lasagne, garlic bread and broccoli, pupils went to either the ICT room or science lab for an hour of prep. Time seemed to fly and before we knew it, it was time for activities. Students were given the option of playing touch rugby outside, making hats for the Wizard of Oz or playing table tennis against the skilful Mr Mateos. Anyone who wanted to practice for the talent show was also welcome to do so. It was another busy night in the boarding house that yet again provided an opportunity for fun, nourishment and growth. 

10 march 4

10 march 5

10 march 6

Wednesday 8th March
Tonight was the night! With more boarders in then ever before, it was obvious that something exciting was happening. Boarders Got Talent was a huge success, with more then twenty pupils preparing a something for the show. Here's the general feedback given back to the pupils by the judges at the end of the show.
The Triple T's: Great costumes and choreography! So much effort went into organising it, it was a shame the music didn't work on the night.
Antony: Merit points for adapting your performance to a solo after your partner dropped out. You played so well!!
#LOL: Can't believe you wrote a script AND learnt it off by heart! So impressive girls!
Tiggy: What a performance! Your costume, tap choreography and choice of songs all made for a seemless and thoughtful performance. Epic work!!
Alex and Mitchell: What a pair of comedians! Great work on the accents as well, they were awesome!
MC Chaud ft Snoop Muir: Great to see two Form 8 boys getting up there and giving it a go. Lots of laughs and smiles from this performance. Super work boys! 
Wilfie: Fingers like a race car, they swept along the keys and made everyone's jaws drop! Incredible self taught performance of 'Clocks' on the piano, Wilfie!
Alex F: Insanely impressed with the amount of guts it would have taken to get up there and sing a solo in front of all your mates. Also great practice for your role in the musical later this term, so top points for your willingness and execution of the song!
Ollie and Henry: Fantastic teamwork and cool magic tricks. Looking forward to seeing what other magic tricks Henry has up his sleeve in future years. Abracadabra! 
Beattie and Zara: Love the songs, love the enthusiasm, love the creativity! You two nailed it!
Tommy: Fantastic idea and way to end the night. Below is a small video of what resulted from Tommy's performance. Do I see a future Boarding Prefect in the making? 
The top three performances were also announced at the end - third place going to Alex F, second place going to MC Chaud ft Snoop Muir and first place going to Tiggy. Thank you to everyone for their efforts and well done boarders! You rock!!

10 march 7


Thursday 9th March
Pupils at boarding were excited for the upcoming weekend, however, there was still one more night of boarding to go. After meeting in the common room, pupils went to the dining room for a healthy roast dinner. From there it was time for prep in the ICT lab and after working hard for an hour, the boarders had earned some free time outside. A few of the junior girls also went over to Mrs Rawson's house to continue painting chairs for the new boarding house. It was an awesome way to end the week, pupils thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to have some free time in the slightly warmer weather. 

10 march 9
Max's funny cartoons

10 march 8

Miss Jessi McRae

Jules Birdsall, 10/03/2017

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