Week ending 3rd March

Monday 27th February
The arrival of snow during dinner brought a great amount of excitement to the boarding house. After an hour of prep in the ICT room, pupils were given time to rehearse for their Boarders Got Talent performance (Form 7 girls took advantage of this opportunity). Alternatively, boarders could play table tennis in the Sanderson building or join Mrs Scott Aiton for mindfulness art. A few pupils even managed to persuade Mr Rawson to let them sneak outside and throw some snowballs around. What a great way to start the week! 

3 march

Tuesday 28th February
In honour of Shrove Tuesday, boarders were encouraged to reflect on the past year and ask themselves what they could do better in the year to come. The night started with dinner where pupils sat in their squads. After dinner and prep, boarders went outside to play Pañuelo with Mr Mateos. Pañuelo is an outdoor Spanish game that brought great laughter to the boarders. In between playing this game, boarders went to the kitchen to cook pancakes with Pam. Later, pupils ate their pancakes with a cup of hot chocolate and headed to bed, ready to start lent tomorrow. 

3 march 2

3 march 3

3 march 4

Wednesday 1st March
Tonight was another big night in the boarding house. Instead of prep, pupils were given time to practice for next weeks Boarders Got Talent. Students will be performing a range of different things including magic tricks, dances and plays. Below is a sneak preview of just one of these amazing performances. Afterward, the entire boarding house went out to the orchard to play German Spotlight. The first night of Spring was surprisingly chilly but that didn't stop the boarders from having a great time. Everyone headed to bed tired and happy, eager to come back next week for more games and the 2017 Boarders Got Talent.

Thursday 2nd March
Tonight was another awesome night in the boarding house, lots of children boarding and Mr Brown on duty. The night started with roll call and then a dinner of roast meat and vegetables. From there everyone proceeded to the ICT room for prep where most of the students were busy learning the last of their weekly spelling words. Activities on offer tonight where table tennis, 3 a side basketball in the indoor gym and painting chairs for the new female boarding house with Mrs Rawson. It was fantastic to see the pupils so enthusiastic during activities, no matter which one they decided to do. At the end of the night everyone headed inside for showers and snack, the Form 8's spending the rest of their free time relaxing together in the common room. 

3 march 5

3 march 6

Miss Jessie McRae

boarding news, 03/03/2017

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