Week ending 24th February 

Monday 20th February
The boarders were full of energy tonight, enthusiastic to be back at school and boarding. After a delicious dinner of peas, pizza and potato chips, form 6,7 and 8 went to prep whilst juniors were allowed free time. At 7pm everyone congregated in the common room for a special announcement; on Wednesday the 8th of March the boarding house will be having a Boarders Got Talent! Hence, the activities on offer tonight were preparation time for the talent show, Aliens vs Predators or touch rugby. In between doing these activities, the children who had not yet got their boarding house Polaroid picture taken were borrowed for a quick second in order to add to the collection on the boarding house landing. Overall it was a fantastic night back in the boarding house, everyone heading to bed happy and healthy. 
20 feb

20 feb 2

20 Feb 3

Tuesday 21st February
Tonight the boarders met in the common room for role call as usual. After that, everyone headed into the dinning hall for broccoli and vegetable rice. From there it was straight to study where the form 8's were particularly diligent with their prep, conscious of their upcoming Common Entrance exams. It was beginning to rain after everyone had finished prep so we decided to play sardines during activity time. At 7:30am the juniors headed for showers whilst everyone else was allowed some free time before lights out. 

20 feb 4

20 feb 5

20 feb 6

Wednesday 22nd February
Boarders trickled into the boarding house this afternoon because of away matches at Fettes and Merchiston. They got changed and their name marked off the role, and then came to the dining hall for scrumptious chicken pie and vegetables. Afterward, the pupils were given free time until 7pm because they had no prep. At 7pm, pupils either played table tennis, handball, touch rugby, or went inside to practice for Boarders Got Talent. After that, many of the students quickly ate their supper so that they could watch some of the British Music Awards. All in all, it was another lovely night at boarding. 

20 FEB 7

20 FEB 8

Thursday 23rd February
Boarding was fabulous tonight, Mr Brown deciding to have some fun and play 'Dance Murder' in the Morrison Hall. It was great to see everyone laughing and dancing together. Afterwards, children who had not had their Polaroid pictures taken for the boarding house got them taken, and then headed inside for showers and supper.

20 feb 9

20 feb 10

20 feb 11

Miss Jessie McRae

Jules Birdsall, 24/02/2017

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