Thank you to all Form 7 parents who attended Mrs Hardie’s meeting to go through this summer’s London trip for Form 7 pupils. The air of anticipation and excitement was palpable amongst the pupils as they realised what a fabulous four-day trip Mrs Hardie has organised.
On Monday morning, I wished the middle school production team all the very best, and encouraged the cast to do themselves and Miss McRae proud after weeks of hard work. More of that later.
Later that day, some final decisions were made ahead of today’s very exciting transfer of Kindergarten from New Buccleuch House into the new refurbished stable block. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to have a wander over to have a look at the bespoke three-classroom facility. Mrs Berni, Mrs Gordon, Mrs Forbes, Mrs Townsend and Miss Fraser have worked tirelessly to prepare for the move. Meanwhile, Mrs Gordon, Angie, Sarah, Kayleigh and staff who have popped in to assist from time to time have done a sterling job in keeping the St. Mary’s army fed in Chef’s absence.
We look forward to being back to full strength in this department after half term, but well done to all those who have carried the extra load.
Tuesday brought about the dress rehearsal for the middle school cast and the matinee performance of ‘Wind in the Willows’ went down a storm, with a full house on Wednesday. Last night’s final performance was a triumph. We are pleased with our many talented youngsters and with the tidal wave of positivity towards stage productions amongst all our pupils. Miss McRae can be extremely proud of the momentum for which she has been responsible; productions seem to get better and better. Miss McRae spent time thanking all those parents, staff and volunteers who assist her, and I would like to express my thanks to them too. 
wind in the willows 2
This morning in assembly, we spoke about the happiness that has exuded from the cast this week, and they can feel very proud of their achievements on the stage.
During a hectic week, we received news that Georgia has been awarded the top music scholarship to Kilgraston. Our congratulations go to our very talented Form 8 pupil. We made mention of Georgia’s achievement in assembly, and we also took the opportunity to congratulate all seven Form 8 girls who trialled for the Dandylions netball team, announcing that Naesi, Millie, Anna, Lucy and Chloe-Marie were successful in being selected. I also congratulated Mahi on producing ten splendid book reviews, each of an exemplary standard for a Form 3 pupil.
Can I remind the parents of those boys whose hair has crept below collar-length at the back, and is mounting up like a bird’s nest on the top, that we expect smart appearance from all our pupils, and I would encourage a visit to the barbers over the holiday.
As I sign off, I will head to the Kindergarten to add an extra pair of hands to the ongoing removal process, but should thank all staff for lending their shoulders to the wheel, beyond their normal working commitments, to bring this development into reality. Particular thanks go to Mrs Tait for expertly project managing phase one of our development programme.
Have a happy half term holiday.

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