Week ending 10th February

Monday night's boarding

Domestic Goddesses
Throughout every week boarders have the chance to take part in art and craft activities... from mindfulness colouring and personalised paper chains to hand stitching garlands and bunting!

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Mrs E Rawson

6th of February
Show week for the Middle School play and spirits were high in the boarding house. After a delicious dinner of Lasagne and vegetables, the students headed to Ms Scott-Aiton's room for an hour of prep. On the eve of their dress rehearsal, the juniors spent half of their prep rehearsing their lines with Mr Whitelaw. Rain inhibited the boarders from playing any outdoor games so the girls went to Mrs Rawson's house to make heart chains, whilst the boys stayed inside to play Sardines in the Hamilton and Sanderson buildings. Lots of fun was had, some of the boarders voluntarily heading to bed a little bit earlier in order to revise their play lines one last time and guarantee themselves a good night's sleep. 

8th of February
There were many tired faces coming into the boarding house tonight; the matinee performance of Wind In The Willows, games and Dandyline Netball trials leaving the boarders eager for the rest they'd get in a couple of days. Taking this into consideration, Mr Whitelaw suggested we have a boarders movie night. Supplied with some night time treats, the boarders headed to the Hamilton building to watch either Pets or Pan. It was lovely to see boarders in Form 8 relaxing side by side the younger students. The children really enjoyed this treat and were much appreciative of the mid-week rest. Hopefully this will give them the energy needed to finish the week strong.

9th of February
It was the last night of boarding before half term break and many of the boarders spent the night performing in the last Wind In The Willows show. Those who did not perform were in Forms 6-8. After an hour of Prep they went outside to play handball and football. Mr Brown organised a big fixture of football in which everyone got involved. The Seniors then headed to bed as usual, the juniors coming up to the boarding house after lights out. They were then given a snack before being sent to bed to dream about messing about on boats. Happy half term break boarders!!

10 feb

10 feb 2

10 feb 3

Jules Birdsall, 07/02/2017

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