Following on from Mrs Urquhart’s fabulous assembly on Friday, during which she highlighted that John Logie Baird was a former pupil of Lomond School, I felt it appropriate to remind pupils of the proud tradition Scotland has of producing inventors and explorers over the last few centuries. This was done by telling a story, during which all life-changing inventions given to us by Scottish inventors had been removed or stolen. Not many countries in the world can boast such a disproportionate contribution to the world we live in today, and I think my tale made the point. 
I had the privilege of visiting Kilgraston School later during Monday, where I met several senior staff and Headmistress Mrs Dorothy MacGinty, before being given a most enlightening tour by Sasha Niven. I was very impressed by the campus and by the happy feeling that the school had. Meanwhile, back here at school, the middle school was heavily involved in rehearsing for ‘The Wind in the Willows’.

For the games session for the prep school girls, we welcomed Down House coaches Laura Vickery and Katie Quarterman. We are extremely grateful to both ladies for their session on Monday, and for their officiating on an extremely busy fixture day on Wednesday. Details of all fixtures will be available on the website.

down house training jan 17
On Thursday, we welcomed several Glenalmond musicians and their staff, Dr Tim Ridley and Miss Jasmine Neufeld. To a very high standard, each pupil played at least one instrument, and then were gathered together to conclude their session with a musical piece, practised on the minibus on the way down. The quality of their singing was something to behold and we are extremely grateful to all Glenalmond pupils, and to Dr Ridley and Miss Neufeld, for coming down to put on their mini concert.
During the day on Thursday, Kindergarten were treated to an Oriental buffet in Galashiels to celebrate Chinese New Year. I am pleased to say the photographs highlighting this fabulous outing were taken through a noodle free lens!
This morning, Form 5, under the tutorage of Mrs Runciman, and with assistance from Miss Ellis and Mr Mateos, treated us to a fabulous assembly on Scottish dialect in the form of poems, songs and traditional Scottish expressions.  They then handed out their own Scottish dialect phrase booklets to Max, Jessie, Mr Mateos, Brigitte and Mrs Scott Aiton. Given the number of confused faces amongst the staff during the assembly, it would appear they need to print off several more booklets. The Canadian, the Irish, the English and even some of the Scots looked somewhat baffled as many of the expressions were explained. Thank you to Form 5 for such an illuminating performance.

Form 5 scots wurds
Tomorrow, we say farewell to Brigitte, who departs after only one week this year, but as ever she has made the most of her week with us and has coped with our different temperature to that of her home city of Madrid.
Finally, I am delighted to be able to congratulate Lachlan on his award of a Sports Scholarship to Merchiston Castle School. A more modest recipient one could not find, but we are all very proud of our Head Boy.
Have a good weekend.

Jules Birdsall, 03/02/2017

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