Week ending 27th January 

Monday 23rd January
The fourth week of boarding began with roll call (as usual), followed by dinner of Mac and Cheese with chips. Yesterday had been Jess K's birthday so she kindly brought in cake, whilst today was Emily's 10th birthday! After prep some of the girls went to Mrs Rawson's house to make paper chains and the others played touch rugby and football outside. The Form 8 boys then resided to the lounge room to watch some TV after the other children had gone to bed, before they themselves hit the hay.

26 jan

26 jan 1

26 jan 3

26 jan 2

Tuesday 24th January
This Tuesday felt different to a normal Tuesday, possibly because the prospect of Burns Day was only one sleep away or because Australia Day was only two nights away (see picture below for more details). Nevertheless, the children still had a great night and were treated with Pizza for dinner. After Prep some students went to the ICT room to design clothing apparel on a computer program, whilst others helped make Weasel masks for the Wind in the Willows or played ball sports outside. Everyone then resided inside for some well deserved hot chocolate and toast. 

26 jan 4

24 jan 2

Wednesday 25th January
There was great excitement for the students coming back late from sport today as one of the buses had broken down! Nevertheless, the boarders who were late had supper awaiting them in the dining hall and plenty of games on offer afterward. Because there was no Prep, the students either rehearsed in the music room, played on the computers in the ICT room or went outside to run around. Before the Juniors went inside for showers, everyone came outside and played a quick game of German Spotlight. It was a great way to end the night, everyone running around on a beautifully clear and starry night.

26 jan 6

26 jan 7

26 jan 8

Max, GAP trying on a kilt ahead of Burns Supper tomorrow! 

Thursday 26th January
Tonight was a special night in the boarding house because everyone played tradition Australian games in celebration of Australia Day. After Prep, all the boarders headed outside to play a group game of AFL (Australian Football League). They then proceeded inside to play pin the head on the Emu, Kangaroo relays and thong throwing. The night finished with Australian trivia, boarders doing their best to guess the meaning of Australian slang, the names of significant landmarks and types of food. Boarders tried Vegemite, fairy bread, damper and dried insects. Fair to say, the insects were not the favourite of the four types of tucker. Gaining bonus points for trying the insects however, 'Shrimp On The Barbie' won the trivia and were titled Bushtucker Trial champions!

27 jan

27 jan 1

27 jan 2

27 jan 3

27 jan 4

Jessie McRae

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