Week ending 20th January 

Monday 16th January
Unfortunately tonight, Cheffy was not available for the kids to cook with, but dinner was still a delicious spaghetti mess. After dinner we played a quick game of the guess game, Mind Magic and then headed straight to Prep to do some study. When it came to free time, we had enough boarders to fill two football sides with substitutes. Those who didn't want to play football went to Mrs Rawson's house to do some mindfulness activities that included drawing, colouring and drinking hot chocolate. Overall, it was another great night in the boarding house. 

20 jan

20 jan 1

20 jan 2

Tuesday 17th January
Tonight the mass of troops we had in the boarding house (25 children) were enlisted to help make props for Wind In The Willows. They thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to do something inside during free time, rather then going outside to play football. Those who did play football however, came back covered in dirt and smiling ear to ear. Polaroids from last week were also put up in the boarding house to the great delight of the children. The night was eventually finished with the usual hot chocolate and a treat of marshmallows!

20 jan 3

20 jan 4

Pam, our lovely Matron

Wednesday 18th January
20 jan 6
The boarders and students staying for supper listen to roll call.

20 jan 5
A fabulous dinner of mixed meat, potatoes and green beans.

20 jan 7
Boarders working hard during Prep.

Thursday 19th January

20 jan 8

Muaz, boarding prefect, shooting hoops in the Pre-prep Gym.

20 jan 9

Feasting on toast and hot chocolate after Capture The Flag in the orchard and basketball in the gym. 

Miss Jessie McRae
GAP Student

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