Week ending 13th January 2017

Monday 9th January
The first Monday boarding in 2017 was full of laughter and smiles. After the children discovered the new decorations in the boarding house (courtesy of Mr and Mrs Rawson), they headed down to the kitchens where Cheffy had dough, tomato sauce and cheese ready for the children to make their own pizzas for dinner. Many of the children (and staff) struggled to shape their dough into a circle but that didn't matter, the end product being a cheesy delight. After that the students went out to the ovals to play football and basketball, and then finished the night with a hot chocolate made by the boarding staff. 
13 jan

13 jan 1

13 jan 2

Tuesday 10th January
Tonight in the Boarding House several of the juniors were late for dinner because of rehearsals for 'Wind in the Willows'. Despite this, they eagerly ate their Gammon steak, sweet potato and green beans, and then headed outside for games. Tonight all the children asked to go outside and play handball, basketball and football. Some of the children also skipped. Special mention to Isaac and Sophie for their awesome skipping.

The highlight of the night, however, was a photoshoot with Mrs Rawson. The children used photo props to disguise themselves and are now eagerly waiting to see the pictures up on the boarding landing. 
13 jan 3

13 jan 4

13 jan 5

Wednesday 11th January
Tonight we had a lot of tired children because of Games in the afternoon! Despite this, the majority of the Boarders still chose to go outside after dinner. The one condition for students to go outside was that they had to wear some sort of warm headwear to keep them warm in this cold front. We saw underwear (clean of course ...), under armour, table clothes, hoodies, beanies and shorts. The winner was Iona Salvesen for her 'chicken head turban' made from a sweatshirt and a head-band; a benchmark in Scottish head wear. The night was topped off by marshmallows in our hot chocolate, and toast made by Pam. Yum! 

13 jan 6

Thursday 12th of January
St Mary's was glistening all fluffy and white,
snow had arrived, perfect for a snow fight. 
The boarders and gappies were excited to play, 
in their new winter wonderland, if only for a day. 
But first we had supper of Yorkshire pudding and veg, 
then we went out and played near the snowy white hedge.
The kids had great fun until they were called in for bed,
their heads hit the pillows, worn out and well fed. 

13 jan 7

13 jan 8

13 jan 10

13 jan 9

Jessie McRae, GAP

Jules Birdsall, 12/01/2017

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