Last Saturday saw a “maxi neurone” of scientists from universities, senior schools, industry and the St. Mary’s parent body gathered to inspire 650 school children.  The day was bathed in sunshine as visitors moved from workshop to workshop soaking up fascinating information, whilst involving themselves in  
active, fun and interesting experiments of many different types.  Dr Shinton was glowing like a bioluminescent creature from the sea as all the hard work in preparing for the successful Bang Goes the Borders paid off in front of her very eyes. 

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Huge thanks goes to Dr Shinton and her team, to the staff of St. Mary’s, and the many St. Mary’s parents who gave up their time so willingly to help the day run like clockwork.  The Border Telegraph talks of the fun science event going with a bang for 1,200 visitors, but it would appear the Southern Reporter is more interested in writing about subjects such as: “councillors confirm rejection of smallholder’s pagan shrine bid”.  Rarely have I seen so many people young and old so enthusiastic about the many different opportunities on offer.  The school is touched by how many kind comments have been made about the event.
Needless to say, the majority of Monday’s morning’s assembly was taken up congratulating the school for their contribution to Dr Shinton’s festival.
Tuesday saw Form 7 visit Crucial Crew to be put through a series of makeshift hazardous situations.  Mrs Hardie was pleased with how inherently sensible the class proved to be, and she was proud that the organisers of this workshop were so complimentary of the class.
A busy fixture programme took place on Wednesday, with St. Mary’s hosting a most enjoyable visit from Loretto, St. Mary’s being well looked after up at Kilgraston, and a rather abbreviated visit to Clifton Hall.
On Thursday, the final day of Block 1 of the activities programme saw sunshine beaming down on children attending activities: rambling, willow weaving, clay pigeon shooting, sports, mindfulness and relaxation, electronics, Warhammer, bike ability, fly fishing, cooking, dance, creative writing and felt-making.  The same day, Form 1 went on a visit to Tesco as part of their Farm to Fork project.  They returned laden down with onions, turnips, parsnips and various other reasonably fresh vegetables that had all gone into the pot this morning to make autumn soup.  I had the pleasure of showing a prospective parent into the Form 1 classroom, who at first glance witnessed tears streaming down the faces of the pupils; they then enthused about the soup-making and onion chopping they were thoroughly enjoying.
Prior to my visit to Form 1, we had been treated to a most informative assembly from Form 8, who took time to explain their prefect roles to the rest of the school.  Mrs Bell paid tribute to the heroics of both Brownlee brothers (triathletes) and used that to support her underlying message that helping others is central to any prefect role, irrespective of title.
Next Friday, we look forward to welcoming Mrs Sylvia Brett, Headmistress of Harrogate Ladies College.  Mrs Brett’s school has become a great supporter of Bang Goes The Borders Science Festival, and the pupils who attended last Saturday with their science teacher Robin Hartley and External Relations Officer Carole Davis were a credit to Harrogate Ladies College.  I do hope many of you will come along to listen to Mrs Brett in assembly, and take time to meet with her over a coffee later that morning.
Finally, you may have noticed the wonderful St. Mary’s clock donated by last year’s leavers in Form 8.  It sits neatly above my office door in full view of pupils arriving in the Hamilton Building.  Please ensure that the big hand has not reached twenty five past when sending pupils into registration in the morning!
Enjoy a restful weekend.

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