8th January 2016

As we concluded last term, your generosity at the Carol Service raised £600 for Sense Scotland, a charity working with people who have communication support needs.  On behalf of the Charity, can I thank you for your donations.
During a very wet Christmas holiday, Mr Bell was grateful to Crop Services, who lent him some extremely powerful pressure hoses with which to clean the tennis courts.  Mr Bell and Mr Mill spent three days slowly but surely cleaning from the east side to the west side of the all-weather area.  The amount of dirt removed by the pressure hoses was quite staggering and huge thanks go to Crop Services, Mr Bell and Mr Mill for making this play area much safer, and your children’s training shoes will grip the now clean surface much more efficiently.
Last weekend, we welcomed the arrival of Emily Reynolds and Matthew Jones, this year’s GAP students from All Saints Anglican School on the Gold Coast.  We have been very impressed by how Emily and Matt have picked up from where Bocky and Callum left off.  Despite the contrast in weather from the temperatures they left behind, the two have been very busy and are enjoying getting to know their new surroundings.  As a staff, we welcomed them to St. Mary’s on Monday and during the day, staff prepared for the term ahead with some useful inset provided by Middle School Curriculum Co-ordinator Mrs Runciman, on formative assessment.  Though we work very closely as a staff, the opportunity to share good practice, often proves invaluable and my thanks go to Mrs Runciman for her informative presentation.
Mrs Kirkness embarked upon her temporary role as Form 2 teacher and her vast experience has led to the smooth transition for the pupils, whilst Mrs Fresle still awaits the arrival of her baby.  Mrs Wright has assumed full control of Form 3, a position in which her experience will also provide a seamless transition from the role she was previously sharing with Mrs Kirkness.
This morning I belatedly handed out Sumdog Top 10 Place certificates to Maria, Mhairi and Lara, and the winning class certificate to a proud Form Teacher Mr Mill.  I then spoke of the focus on two productions this term, and acknowledged that, whether pupils feel comfortable on stage or not, they all have a very important role to play, no matter how big or small their roles may be.  I recounted tales from former pupils of Eyemouth Primary School who spoke very fondly of their school performance memories recorded by cine camera in the 60s and early 70s.  These people were featured in a programme aired on national television earlier this week about fond memories.
Though it has been a 4 day week, your children may justifiably appear tired.  This I put down to early starts in dark mornings, but also hard work whilst adjusting once again to the busy school routine.  Well done them.
Have a good weekend.

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