It was a pleasure welcoming Bronwyn Coggan of the Borders Children’s Charity to Assembly on Monday.  Ms Coggan presented a story of hardship suffered by fictional characters in the Melrose and Borders area to highlight the sterling work the charity does in supporting those suffering hardship.  I was proud to present Ms Coggan with a cheque for £402.19 raised from your generous donations at our Christmas Carol Service.  The Friends of St. Mary’s are also active supporters of this very worthwhile charity.
Finally a decent number of fixtures took place on Wednesday following the disappearance of the majority of the snow.  Various reports will appear on the website under the appropriate teams but suffice to say all pupils were grateful for the opportunity to run off some of their energy.
An U10 swimming team took to the water at Compass School on Thursday and represented the school very well indeed.  Meanwhile the intrepid Mr P headed for Glenshee with the support of Mrs Salvesen and Mr James.  Our team consisted of Lorna C, Oscar S, Sasha N and Charlotte J who did very well indeed coming 4th overall.  Charlotte excelled with a 3rd place in the individual race.
On Tuesday we welcomed Tony Lee, a chiropractor to discuss position and back pain with Forms 6, 7 and 8.  I am pleased to say pupils have been sitting up properly in their chairs and walking with their backs straight ever since.  Form 3 meanwhile were visited by the dental health nurse and took great pleasure in staining their teeth as an experiment to show some of the hidden plaque not brushed away.  This was a most informative visit and I suspect the sweetie intake of each of these pupils may drop as a result.  Form 3 also visited the local library which further complimented an enthusiasm for reading prevalent amongst these studious learners.
Two more boys were added to the book token roll of honour this morning in Harry S and James Co following completion of their book review;  each boy was a proud recipient of their hard earned book token.  Assembly was also enhanced by our two resident magicians; Thomas M and Rudi B demonstrated a well-rehearsed trick which left the audience flabbergasted.  I am still trying to work out how they did it!
We look forward to welcoming William M next week following the successful completion of the next stage towards full use of cochlear implants.  We also look forward to the performance of Dream On by the Middle School.  Finally can I finish by wishing you a restful weekend.
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